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    Back Seat Loving 03:19

    Back Seat Loving

    by roblimo (2/11/10) 27 views

    ...performed by The Joneses in Sarasota, Florida. Video made by Robin 'Roblimo' Miller --

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    Coming Into LosAngeles 03:13

    Coming Into LosAngeles

    by roblimo (2/10/10) 17 views

    The much-loved Arlo Guthrie song performed outdoors in Sarasota, Florida, by The Jones: Tom Terrific Jones on bass, Cadillac Bob Jones on drums, Bill 'Swing Daddy' Jones on gee-tar.

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    The Freethought Film Festival is Coming to Tampa 08:22

    The Freethought Film Festival is Coming to Tampa

    by roblimo (2/10/10) 13 views

    The Freethought Film Festival -- expects to have its international debut this year in Tampa, Florida. Why Tampa? Because it's where founder and executive director Andrea Steele lives, and because, says Andrea, "It's a progressive city."

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    History Day at Phillippi Estate Park 01:38

    History Day at Phillippi Estate Park

    by roblimo (2/10/10) 9 views

    SARASOTA - video courtesy of - The year 2010 is the 100th anniversary of early land developer Bertha Palmer's arrival in Sarasota. It was celebrated in grand style on Sunday, Jan. 31.

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    by roblimo (1/29/10) 4 views characters, led by Cate Colgan -- -- wanted to speak at -- so they wanted a video proposal. Here it is. Lots of Picture-in-Picture and fast-cut action, as befits people who only deal with 140 characters at a time. (Video made by )

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    Village of the Arts Welcome Center Opening - Bradenton, FL 04:30

    Village of the Arts Welcome Center Opening - Bradenton, FL

    by roblimo (1/10/10) 114 views

    BRADENTON, FLORIDA: The Bradenton Village of the Arts -- -- opened its long-awaited community welcome center on January 8, 2010. "The Village now has a meeting place... it has a heart, geographically," said Kevin Webb, president of the Artists Guild of Manatee. The Welcome Center has information about all Village galleries and other businesses, including their days and hours of operation, and displays representative samples of each gallery's offerings.

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    Drinking Liberally in Sarasota, Florida 04:41

    Drinking Liberally in Sarasota, Florida

    by roblimo (1/2/10) 12 views

    On the last Thursday of every month, liberals gather at Shakespeare's English Pub and... drink. Liberally. There may be a similar group near you -- find out at -- and if there isn't, you can start one. Video courtesy of ~~

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    Riding in Sherwood's Model T Ford 02:39

    Riding in Sherwood's Model T Ford

    by roblimo (11/28/09) 53 views

    If you live in or near the Fair Lanes Acres mobile home community in Bradenton, Florida, or you like to attend local classic car shows, you've likely seen Sherwood Moore tooling around in his 1923 Model T Ford. He likes to drive it, not just show it off, and loves to give people rides. Children, even more than adults, love Sherwood and his Model T. He even has funny hats for them to wear when they ride with him. You can hear that "ah-oo-gah horn blocks away. Then comes that classic Model T engine mutter. Sadly, this video is as close as most people today will get to an actual ride in a Model T, an experience once so common that no one thought about it for a second

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