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    Elvis Presley BIG BOSS MAN RARE VERSION!!! 04:15

    Elvis Presley BIG BOSS MAN RARE VERSION!!!

    by rockinrodes (2/5/08) 28,868 views

    Rare 1973 Concert of Big Boss Man that just had the audio so I included over 70 video clips to help capture the dynamics of the King of Rock N roll...Including interviews, footage etc of pure Elvis Presley Rock N Roll-The King! I WAS HAVING SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS ONE WHEN THE SONG WAS OVER I EXTENDED IT TO INCLUDE SOME OTHER FOOTAGE, GOTTA LOVE THE KING! Editing was very tedious. The original idea for this video and Without Love, If I Can Dream sprang in 1974...Technology has finally given me the tools to put these ideas into videos. I hope you enjoy this. Thanks you!!! The intellectual property rights must be respected. I have caught several on you-tube stealing it...

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    Elvis Presley Without Love Amazing Vocals Rare Pictures!!! 02:58

    Elvis Presley Without Love Amazing Vocals Rare Pictures!!!

    by rockinrodes (1/19/08) 26,269 views

    Elvis Presley Without Love is a song that touched Elvis Presley deeply from the time he was a teenager. The power of Love and the heartfelt love he felt towards all people greatly inspired him in his journey to conquer the magnitude in vocals demanded for this song. Elvis vowed to himself to record it someday and he first tried to in 1954 He just didn't have the experience to perfect the song until 1969. The raw, painful emotions that tore at Elvis's heart are evident in his magnificant recording. Elvis stated many times it was the hardest song he ever sang. No doubt one of Elvis's greatest performances!!!