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    Color Changes Collection 02:51

    Color Changes Collection

    by rohiyz (5/21/07) 605 views

    A compilation of some color changes I know. Have a view. Please rate and leave your comments!!! Thanks alot may you have a merry christmas.

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    Coin Through Full Bottle 01:22

    Coin Through Full Bottle

    by rohiyz (12/22/06) 2,371 views

    Mind is over matter!!! Watch my video. Coin Penetrates Through A Mineral Bottle. There are no holes and no gimmicked cuts on the bottle. It's just filled with water inside. Water dont spill out. watch!!! Rate and Comments Leave it here!!! Thanks!!!

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    Bill Vanish

    Bill Vanish

    by rohiyz (5/21/07) 450 views

    I just made my own raven and tested it in this video. Well, how does it goes? Please leave any comments....