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    Facebook Tourism 02:38

    Facebook Tourism

    by ruthggeorge (2/3/11) 8 views Move with the times they say, and if you’re in the hotel and tourism business, then it’s all the more important for you to do so; Facebook tourism offers a great way for you to boost your business. Why use Facebook travel? This is simply because; you need to be at the right place, at the right time, to secure a maximum number of clients and customers. After all, as we all know, it is the number of bookings that you receive which will make or break your business.

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    Holidays On A Budget 02:33

    Holidays On A Budget

    by ruthggeorge (2/3/11) 6 views Vacations and holidays mean one thing and one thing only – HAPPINESS; but one needs to make sure that all that happiness comes at a pocket friendly price, which means great holiday deals. Let’s face facts, we’ve been hit by a serious bout of recession and so, travelling and taking holidays (especially international ones) is not getting any cheaper. If anything, prices are on the rise.

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    A Tourism Marketing Platform Like None Other 02:43

    A Tourism Marketing Platform Like None Other

    by ruthggeorge (2/3/11) 29 views If your tourism business is yet to take off properly because of problems with the marketing aspect of things, then you need a proper tourism marketing strategy, chalked out by professionals. Advanced travel marketing solutions for hotels and tourism destinations is what really makes these services stand out.

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    Enjoy Sport Vacation Destinations 02:16

    Enjoy Sport Vacation Destinations

    by ruthggeorge (2/3/11) 22 views Love sport? Love holidaying and vacations? Have you ever thought of combining the two? I’m guessing that’s a no. But guess what’s the latest offer in the tourism industry? Yep, you got it, sport vacations. So what exactly, is a sport vacation? It is as simple as the name suggests – a vacation which combines your two great loves – travelling and sport.

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    Getting Smart With SmartPhone Hotel Marketing 02:30

    Getting Smart With SmartPhone Hotel Marketing

    by ruthggeorge (2/3/11) 28 views I am a travel agent, and I enjoy my work; of late, however, we’ve been getting many requests to make .mobi sites for hotels so that users of travel mobile phones (Smartphones) all over the world can easily see what they have to offer in terms of hospitality and services. This is especially useful because travellers can look them up and decide whether or not to stay with them, while on the go.

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    A Holiday Romance At The Best Price! 02:31

    A Holiday Romance At The Best Price!

    by ruthggeorge (2/3/11) 17 views Who doesn’t want to enjoy a romantic vacation with their loved one? It’s very rare that we can get time off from our busy schedules to take a vacation and if it’s romantic travel with your partner then it’s all the more enjoyable. Romantic spots are dotted worldwide, one just has to be on the lookout for them.

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    Tour St Lucia For Cheaper Prices 01:38

    Tour St Lucia For Cheaper Prices

    by ruthggeorge (2/3/11) 38 views Planning for luxury vacations this season with your family? Then, St Lucia is the perfect destination for you. Start booking now to get the most out of the exciting deals offered currently. There are special holidays available as well allowing you to plan your holidays filled with full of fun and adventurous activities.

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    Dominica Vacation - THE NATURE ISLAND

    Dominica Vacation - THE NATURE ISLAND

    by ruthggeorge (2/3/11) 50 views Looking for a comprehensive source to book for Dominica hotels? Get all the features now right from getting all the information about best hotels and booking rooms with 100% assurance. Imagine the raw deal you might have to go through during peak seasons. Get rid of all such problems by relying on your booking agent.

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    Adventure Travel Destinations 02:36

    Adventure Travel Destinations

    by ruthggeorge (2/3/11) 22 views Love adventure holidays? Well, my friend, if you haven’t already been on one, my advice to you is, pack your bags and get out there as soon as you can! I know I did and I had an amazing time this winter skiing in the Aspen. You may choose to go on your adventure vacation or with your partner or even with your family, there is an exciting range of options, no matter which form of adventure travel you are looking to venture out on!