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4:42 Two great examples of live trades we took in the trade room. Click here to see this live footage of our trade room. Like what you see, sign up. We offer a free 3 week trial.
  • 26 Mar 2010
  • 248
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8:45 We had another winning day in the market today. Click on this link and see our results in the live trade room.
  • 24 Mar 2010
  • 33
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We had a GREAT week in the live trade room, and CONGRATS to all the members for their success using our methods this week!
  • 16 Mar 2010
  • 76
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The market told us to be careful because we had flat price action, lack of follow through the on the first moves of the day, and the dollar gave us issues with support and resistance.
  • 11 Mar 2010
  • 53
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We watched the Dollar Index Futures correlation with Gold Futures and Crude Oil futures, and today’s video tells the story!
  • 9 Mar 2010
  • 46
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Since it was a Monday, we had to beware of a slow start. The same reasons why YOU don’t want to get up on Monday is the SAME with other traders, so we wait to see if volume will be an issue on Monday’s always.
  • 3 Mar 2010
  • 36
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Things looked and felt very slow at the open, and no matter the REASON is for this, we knew we had to remain patient and wait for the best patterns to show up.We also made note of the slower timeframe levels on the Dollar Index Futures Chart.
  • 2 Mar 2010
  • 54
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Another day filled with learning and profits in our live trade room for members and guests!Today was a challenge, but we knew what to expect! We identified the day ahead of time today as being a potentially VERY SLOW day because of…
  • 26 Feb 2010
  • 46
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We had another GREAT day in our live trade room! We knew this week would be challenging with a LOT going on…
  • 24 Feb 2010
  • 52
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Today was a day made for building character, one of those days you heard about when traders tell stories about the struggles we all go through as traders.
  • 20 Feb 2010
  • 26
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After missing last Friday & this Tuesday for the long weekend, we had the distinct challenge of getting back in the ‘rhythm’ of the markets in order to profit this week from our trading. We always have trouble getting back into the swing of things when we go away from the markets for a few days, so here is what we focus on:
  • 19 Feb 2010
  • 55
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Today was a great example of how sometimes we need to take our money and get out of the market before we give it all back! We started today with a breaker/2-step combination that made us 21 ticks on the breaker and 14 ticks on the 2-step reversal, so we were off to a great start!
  • 11 Feb 2010
  • 39
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Once in a while we have a tough day in the markets we trade, and today was the worse case scenario. We started off with a VERY slow and choppy market today. Crude Oil had all the same trigger lines across all timeframes, so we knew it was going to be slow until they separated a little.
  • 10 Feb 2010
  • 74
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9:52 We got started early, with patterns showing up as early as 839am EST, and we watched as the Crude Oil, Euro, and Gold Futures produced high percentage patterns all morning long.
  • 9 Feb 2010
  • 37
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As expected, these outside influences made the market very slow, sluggish, and indecisive. Having a hard time deciding where it wanted to go, we had to wait for it all to line up…
  • 10 Feb 2010
  • 31
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Now we must use our ENTRY RULES to identify these patterns as either HIGH or LOW probability in order to make sure we are taking only the very best trading opportunities.
  • 3 Feb 2010
  • 73
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8 total trades, 8 winners, another day filled with winners! It doesn’t ALWAYS happen this way, remember, losses happen almost every day, its how we MANAGE those losses and move forward is the key to success.
  • 29 Jan 2010
  • 136
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