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    Need Help on New Tag Line-Please.. Thanks. 03:22

    Need Help on New Tag Line-Please.. Thanks.

    by scottevest (3/9/09) 56 views

    Well, the time has come where we need to come up with the perfect, short tagline that grabs people's attention and describes in a nutshell what we do, preferably with some humor so it is memorable. A close friend, Keith Fisher, came up with some really clever thoughts, see below. Our goal is to find ONE really good Tagline Don't Let Your Stuff Slow You Down 2 Don't Give Your Gadgets the Upper Hand 3 Take Back Your Commute 6 needs 1 more or 2 words Put Your Wires in Their Place 8 Put the Music Back in Your Life 6 Show Your PDA Who's Boss 3 Be Smarter than Your Smart Phone 2 Don't Let Your Wires Tie You Down 2 Connect When You Want To 4 has potential with more work/ words Connect on Your Terms 4 has potential Overcome the Clutter 2 Ditch the Office, Take the Toys 4 Great Tunes at a Moment's Notice 2 Man Purse? Rest in Peace 5 Just Say No to Fanny Packs 3 Just Say No to Man Bags 2 Who Says You Can't Take It With You? 4 has potential A Jacket that Would Make Q Proud 8 if you really could tie this one in better to BOND - I like this one Go On, Make a Spy Jealous 6 Freedom from Fanny Packs 2 Don't Let Your Stuff Get You Down 3 do not like the term STUFF Don't Let Your Stuff Slow You Down same as above Today's Digital Lifestyle,... Simplified. Sounds too much like your on your sofa listening to the stereo system Hide a Mobile Command Center in Your Pants ...... Free Your Hands and Your Mind Will Follow 4 has potential Look Like You Left it All at the Office 2 Chaos is for the Other Guy 2 Free Up for the Open Road 2 A Pocket For Everything, and Everything in its Pocket has potential Set a Speed Record through Airport Security has potential Give Your Wife Her Purse Back 2 Say Hello to Your Third Carry-on 5 Embrace Your Inner U-Haul 2 Take Life by the Pockets 5 Freedom from Belt Clips incomplete James Bond, Meet Giorgio Armani To Each According to His Carrying Capacity GOOD one It's Your Life, Take Control 3 Don't Be a Slave to Your Stuff 3 can be rewoirked better Put Your Clothing to Work for You 3 can be reworked Here are some suggestions: TEC YOU WEAR SEV - Your ultimate TEC cover-up. SEV - Your preferred protocol for personal placement Wear Your Tech… Without Looking Like it Travel Like a Geek – Just Don’t Look Like One. Never Let ‘Em See Your Tech Technology is Cool – Belt Clips Aren’t Carry Everything, but Look Like You’re Not. The Difference is Inside Who says you can't take it with you

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    Weekend Blog Post- Scenes from Sun Valley, Plus Brand New Pro... 05:17

    Weekend Blog Post- Scenes from Sun Valley, Plus Brand New Pro...

    by scottevest (3/7/09) 124 views

    Ok, so i was kidding about the new product and testers needed. I just wanted to see if words still matter, or if video rules without words. I took the trouble to bullet point what I talked about in my post. I realize your time is valuable and before you invest in 3 minutes watching me talk about something you don't care about, you might want to know if you can skip the post or portions thereof So, here's the headlines in order of what i ramble about today. Always unscripted, and never without a dull momment :) * new tag line, TEC /You/WEAR, thoughts; morphing from SCOTTEVEST TO SeV * Live Web Cam at new Store, and ability to click to call us via skype video for help. Jorge thanks! * Should I carry more products, e.g., Monster Remote for iPhone to control iPhones/iTouch, iPod, as well as battery back, etc.. Only accessories that I personally endorse. Thoughts? * Margaux and poodles introduced. Watch Poodles Playing * Shout out to Tim Wolfe from our Chicago Fullfillment Facility who can't believe how gorgeous it is here * Wild Poodles of Sun Valley, and Poodle commercial, why Labradoodles and Golden doodles are 1/2 poodle. Poodles are much smarter than any other breed, so why combine?! * The wolf pack a mile from our house killed a cougar. Living in the Wild. * You can end here if you want, just showing the drive into Sun Valley, where you can see the mountain * All surrounding by Mt Bald, Sun Valley, Idaho This will be last post using, unless you say not to end it. I change some settings so hopefully it will be better than before. Let me know if you agree to switch to YouTube, see comparisons below Scott, PS, it takes me longer but should i do summaries like this for all blog posts? If so, I will ask your help to indicate in the comments or on YouTube rating scale shown if worthwhile to watch so others won't waste their time too. Lastly, if you want to learn about anything, and I mean anything, just ask me.... You might be surprised by my answer... :-) Thanks

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    Lots of Good Stuff to Report, and One Not So Good 06:17

    Lots of Good Stuff to Report, and One Not So Good

    by scottevest (2/22/09) 288 views

    watch and see btw, here's the email i got from Phil Laak, see this link if you don't know who he is. Phil Laak to sjordan, scott show details Feb 19 (2 days ago) Reply holy cow... i can not believe that i am... at this very moment ... typing a message that will be read by the smartest guy in the entire garment industry... scott.... if i could have cloned myself into a dozen or so people way back in the day i would have sent off each clone onto a diff adventure.. in no particular order those things are 1 - gambler guy 2 - musician guy 3 - scientist guy 4 - wall street guy 5 - adventure travel coordinator guy - doing the stuff and making it happen for others... 6 - pilot guy (for ubber fast military planes) / space flight guy - what have you.. aeronautical anything 7 - circus guy - guess peoples weight... carnival operator... what have you 8 - lawyer guy - fight for truth and justice 9 - english teacher in brazil guy - absorb the culture and learn the language etc guy... 10 - spy guy - james bond anything stuff - cia - dbl agent - what have you 11 - clothes guy - making practical clothes with loads of pockets with nice feeling fabric 12 - casa nova guy - never settling down and just being the lover to thousands of woman over my lifetime since college i always kept an eye out for clothes with pockets... (cargo pants - what have you) but your stuff takes the cake... the black t- shirts with those two little pockets are full out genius by the way... full out!! ==================== there are so many good things to say about your hoodie stuff i just don't know where to start... but YOUR HOODIES ARE AMAZING.... with all the stealth places for wires and ipods they make an excellent addition to any turny where i make it deep.... amazing... just amazing... u rule... thanks for being the smartest guy in textiles phil laak degen

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