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    Alexander Ovechkin Portrait by Jason Swain 05:08

    Alexander Ovechkin Portrait by Jason Swain

    by shanfire (11/22/08) 692 views

    Hockey! A sport filled with fast paced thrills and actions. Jason has brought this sport to life, with each detailed brushstroke, and brilliant color,in this portrait of one of Hockey's greatest players. This portrait will be just one of the exciting and beautiful works of art that will be on display at Velocity 5 Sports grill in Falls Church Virginia, beginning November 5th, as part of his "Sports Series". Alexander Ovechkin: A Russian professional ice hockey left winger for the Washington Capitals of the NHL. Alex began his play career with the Capitals, during the 2007-08 season. He led the NHL with 65 goals and 112 points to capture the Rocket Richard and Art Ross Trophies. During that same season he also won the Lester B.Pearson Award, as the top player, h voted by the NHLPA and the Hart Memorial Trophy as the leagues MVP. Visit Jason's website@

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    Jake LaMotta & Laurent Dauthille Portrait by Jason Swain 05:38

    Jake LaMotta & Laurent Dauthille Portrait by Jason Swain

    by shanfire (11/22/08) 602 views

    It is September 13th 1950,inside a packed Olympia Stadium,in Detroit Michigan. In this corner we have Jake LaMotta,nickname;"The Bronx Bull",later to become known as;"The Raging Bull", And in this corner we have Laurent Dauthille. Jake LaMotta will be defending his title;"Middleweight Champion of the World" Grab a ringside seat,and observe as each stroke of Jason's brush,re-unites them on canvas. Laurent Dauthille is KO'd by a flurry of hard and furious punches, delivered by Jake LaMotta, in the last few seconds of the 15th round. The Grande Finale of this match,is herald in the annuals of boxing history as'"One of the greatest come-from-behind victories of all times." This thrilling and detailed depiction is part of Jason's "Sports Series", which will go on display, beginning November 5th 2008,at Velocity Five Sports Bar in Falls Church Virginia. Visit Jason's website@

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    Mickey Mantle Portrait by Jason Swain 05:13

    Mickey Mantle Portrait by Jason Swain

    by shanfire (11/22/08) 866 views

    Jason has once again picked up the brushes, to take us on a colorful trip back into one of sports greatest moments. One of the New York Yankee's finest; Mickey Mantle's 49th home run. September 3rd 1961. It is the 3rd game of a 3 game series, against the Detroit tigers. Mickey steps up to the plate, swings and blast his 49th home run of the season, into the right field stands. It is a two run shot, that places the Yankees ahead with a 2-1 lead. He would go on to hit his 50th home run of the season in this same game. He played his entire 18-year major-league professional career with New York Yankees, winning 3 American league MVP titles, and playing for 16 All-Star teams. Mantle played on twelve pennant winners and seven World Championship clubs. He still holds the records for most World Series home runs (18), RBIs (40), runs (42), walks (43), extra-base hits (26), and total bases (123). Visit Jason's website@

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    Magic Johnson & Larry Bird by Jason Swain 06:24

    Magic Johnson & Larry Bird by Jason Swain

    by shanfire (10/15/08) 1,365 views

    Possibly the greatest, on court rivals in NBA history. Jason has captured the essence of two of Basketballs greatest players, Magic Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers and Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics. An era in Basketball history that witnessed these two greats coming together, to engage in on court battles, that are now as legendary as the players who created them. This portrait has been created by Jason, from a photograph taken at the 1987 NBA Finals/Boston Garden. To see other works of art by Jason, visit his site

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    by shanfire (7/20/08) 618 views

    "Curious Cubs" Jason has created a whimsical wood carving from an oak log, depicting 5 of natures most curious and loved creatures. It consist of 3 sides, each different and with a unique member of the Curious Cubs gang. The 1st side in the video are 2 cubs..the 2nd is a Mother bear, with her tiny one standing between her front legs, peering out at the world, with wide eyed curiosity. On the 3rd side you will find a single cub, who seems to be boldly strutting, ready to explore the world in front of him. This beautiful work of art, was created at the request of the staff at Cloverly Elementary School in Maryland, as a memorial to a very special lady, and teacher, Mrs. Helen Heffner. Below you will find a link to the memorial page created in honor of Mrs. Heffner by the staff at the Cloverly. Please take a moment to read about this amazing lady. Once you do, you will know the story behind this fun and inspirational carving. Excerpt from the memorial page: Mrs. Helen Heffner was a teacher in Montgomery County for thirty years. She taught fifth grade at Cloverly Elementary from 1989 until her retirement in 2001. Sadly, Mrs. Heffner passed away on March 23, 2008. It was a privilege knowing Mrs. Heffner, either as a colleague, teacher, or friend. We were all inspired by her spirit. Mrs. Heffner instilled curiosity into the hearts of all those she encountered. She is the reason many of her students have gone on to become lifelong learners. It is important that we commemorate Mrs. Heffner, so that her spirit continues to touch the lives of those who enter into the Cloverly community. Mrs. Heffner loved the arts. Aesthetics, nature, and beauty were a part of her being. Therefore, it is fitting that we create something that embraces all three. Read the story behind the carving:

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    Dedication/American Bald Eagle by Jason Swain 04:34

    Dedication/American Bald Eagle by Jason Swain

    by shanfire (7/5/08) 950 views

    Jason recently completed a carving of an American Bald Eagle, in Ernest Veteran's Park in his hometown of Kensington Maryland. The eagle was a work inspired by the recent loss of his Niece Katie. The Eagle stands as a monument to all veterans, and as a memorial to Katie's memory. A good friend and neighbor of Jason's stated the following observation; As the eagle emerged, it was apparent that the wood grain circled the eagle's heart, a fitting development because Jason dedicated the piece, not only to all veterans, but also to his niece Katie who died in a car accident a few months ago in Australia. The hopeful title of the piece was inspired by Bruce Springsteen's The Rising, a song Jason heard as he finished the sculpture. The piece was dedicated in a public ceremony on Memorial Day and is expected to become a visitation site on the Fourth of July, Veterans' Day, and private occasions of reflection. ~ Rebecca Fanning~ Song: "In My Heart" by "Moby" Watch the video of this amazing work of art as it was created

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    "THE RISING" An American Bald Eagle Carving by Jason Swain

    by shanfire (4/3/08) 538 views

    "The Rising" An American Bald Eagle carved from a single 3,000 pound log of red oak. Jason carved the Figure on site in Ernest Park in Kensington Maryland. The figure took 2 weeks to carve. It was created by Jason as a loving memorial to his Niece Katie. Special thanks to Russell Morris for permission to use his beautiful song in the video, "Wings of an Eagle"

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    Jason Swain Art Exhibit 04:12

    Jason Swain Art Exhibit "One of a Kind"

    by shanfire (3/3/08) 246 views

    Jason currently has five portraits on display at: "The Gallery @ Children's National Medical Center" 111 Michigan Avenue NW First Floor Washington D.C. January 24th --March 21st Monday --Friday 10am-5pm Portraits now on display "Stallion & Mare" "Boys of Summer" "Soothing Bath" "Limited Edition Print Available" "Keith Richards" "Limited Edition Print Available" "Sean Taylor" "Limited Edition Print Available" Visit Jason's Wesite @

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    Sean Taylor Tribute Portrait By Jason Swain 05:07

    Sean Taylor Tribute Portrait By Jason Swain

    by shanfire (1/30/08) 736 views

    Jason recently completed his Tribute Portrait of the Washington RedSkins fallen teammate, Sean Taylor. The portrait measures 6'x5' and consist of a center life size portrait, of Sean, with a montage of six smaller portraits highlighting the exemplary career of this fine young man and stellar athlete. This beautiful Tribute Portrait was officially unveiled to the public on January 24th at "The Gallery @ Children's National Medical Center" 111 Michigan Avenue NW First Floor Washington D.C. The portrait, along with other fine works of art by Jason, will be on exhibit; January 24th --March 21st Monday --Friday 10am-5pm The Painting will be sold, with a percentage going to the Children's Hospital. Visit Jason's website @

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    Steve Irwin Print 03:28

    Steve Irwin Print

    by shanfire (12/10/07) 232 views

    On February 20th 2007 Jason presented his Tribute Painting in the Crocoseum at the Australia Zoo, to the Irwin Family. This beautiful painting is now available as a "Limited Edition" Print. A portion of each print sold will be donated to the "Wildlife Warriors" For complete details visit Jasons site Watch the creation of this amazing painting, and the presentation at the Zoo. "Journey to a Tribute"

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