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    by sheff26 (7/16/09) 369 views

    Miss World 2006 Sabine gives interview

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    Fire Mage PVP 2 - Ziosimo 04:13

    Fire Mage PVP 2 - Ziosimo

    by sheff26 (7/13/09) 736 views

    Well, I finally got exalted with AB and AV, and so in celebration I give you my 2nd pvp video. This time its purely fire spec and there is alot more one on one, and alot less editing out the lovely crits (ok the one at the start was pretty lucky, but my god that felt good!) I'm not using the duel trinkets of doom, arcane power or any megga destructive buffs (well, apart from beserking in parts of it). My talent spec, gear and character information can all be found in I hope you enjoy this video :).Additional notes:This is a level 60 video made roughly a year ago (bare that in mind when commenting)Player name: Ziosimo, Server: Nordrassil EUReal life name: Michael - and I don't play wow anymore although I still reply to commentsMusic: Korn.. (and i cant remember the song name)

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