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    Beijing Wushu Team - 2012 Tour 01:16

    Beijing Wushu Team - 2012 Tour

    by sinisark (12/28/11) 278 views

    Tickets on sale now: The world renowned Beijing Wushu Team is touring the SF Bay Area! Known as one of the best Wushu teams in the world, it has dominated Chinese National and World Championship events for decades, and boasts Jet Li as one of its first and most famous alumni. Featuring World Champion, Li Xin Yu National Champion, Wang Xi International Movie Star, Zhenwei Wang (Karate Kid 2010) Like us on Facebook

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    FbFund: Help Us Choose 01:01

    FbFund: Help Us Choose

    by sinisark (11/11/08) 176 views

    We need your input. We're in the last stages of a competition, to select the top five next-generation applications. Applications on Facebook make it easier for you to explore your interests and connect and share with your friends. Through fbFund, we are sponsoring a competition to award our top five. To learn more about fbFund and the competition, please visit: Cast your vote by Sunday, November 30th, 2008. We expect to announce the winners the week of December 8th. Vote now:

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    A Simple Betrayal 02:30

    A Simple Betrayal

    by sinisark (10/17/07) 20,628 views

    Guns, blood, and deceit mixed with a healthy dosage of slow-mo ... short film made in the heroic bloodshed genre that John Woo invented. Features amazing special effects: all blood, muzzle flashes, ricochets, and gun blowbacks were digitally added in a span of about two days. If you're curious, all of us except one of the actors were college students, and this was shot for a contest on a very short deadline. This is why we had only a day for filming, and had to rush doing the effects in two days.

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    Magic Wand 03:16

    Magic Wand

    by sinisark (5/21/07) 860 views

    A young boy is ostracized on the playground, until one day he discovers a stick in a deserted corner of the schoolyard ...

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    Wind Flute 04:02

    Wind Flute

    by sinisark (4/9/07) 19,256 views

    A mysterious flute leads to a climatic sword fight between two martial arts masters. A wuxia martial arts short made in the style of Hero and Crouching Tiger. This was originally made on a tight deadline for a video contest (shot/choreographed in under day). Most of the cast are just college students.

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