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Shows the cover flow effect . Programming, HOWTO C++ Linux
  • 18 May 2008
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Plexy is a Desktop which extends the architectural advances of KBFX, and it's not a Desktop Environment like KDE or Gnome. PlexyDesk will render your workspace and help organize all your information with a touch. PlexyDesk might not be the new Desktop Environment you came looking for, but we can promiss you that, it will be the Ultimate Desktop Experience you would ever get. The Aim of PlexDesk team is to create "A Desktop which is easy to communicate, Create and Simply cool!" Plexy Desk is a Free Software, writen and distributed under the terms of GNU GPL License, you have the total freedome to share, modify and make alterations under GPL. We hope you would enjoy using Plexy Desk, As much as we enjoy developing it for you!. We are a dedicated team promoting openness, innovation, and opportunity on the Internet. If you like the ideas proposed by PlexyDesk and believe in our vision and the mission, please consider making a donation. More about what we will do with them can be read from Donations page.
  • 5 Mar 2008
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