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This video shows me scratching off five winners in a row! Buy a large meal and get three scratch-offs. Share this video with your friends and give me five stars. I will post the how-to soon. Thanks!
  • 14 Jul 2009
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Remember the old keyboards that you have to be able to do a one finger push-up to press the keys?
  • 2 Mar 2008
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It's not spider pig, it's SPIDER BABY!
  • 2 Mar 2008
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Before I get any nasty comments, I did not steal this idea. This is a challenge, I want to see if somebody can make a faster motor than mine.
  • 13 Apr 2008
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You can make it look a lot better, I exaggerated it to show you how it's done. Your friends will think it is hilarious if they don't see it coming. Have fun!
  • 30 Apr 2008
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I'm just glad that wasn't me!
  • 5 Feb 2008
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Going down a huge snake run I fell over a wall and then my wheel fell off. I was doing at least 30MPH! That could have been a lot worse! Imagine going 30 MPH in a car then jumping onto the pavement like a slip and slide (OUCH)!
  • 2 Feb 2008
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The output on a disposable camera is 300 Volts and that's from a 1.5 watt AA battery. I shocked myself one time and it was 3X worse than a light socket!
  • 21 Aug 2008
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