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    Sk8 Update - Getting Arrested for Baggy Pants 01:52

    Sk8 Update - Getting Arrested for Baggy Pants

    by sk8rstv (8/6/08) 353 views

    Check out for more videos! Skateboard lifestyle enthusiasts often wear ridiculously baggy pants when they are not on their boards. It's just part of the look. But if you're ever in Flint, Michigan, be careful about just how baggy your pants are... you could actually be arrested. Flint cops are now actually arresting people for wearing saggy pants that expose their boxers, under garments, or bare butts. The chief of the Flint Police department told the press that he thought baggy pants were “a national nuisance” and released a memo to his officers that said “this immoral self expression goes beyond freedom of expression." The cops even said that wearing saggy pants is “probable cause” and can give them the right to search teens and other saggy pants wearers. It's a completely ridiculous law... but if you are ever heading to Flint for any reason, make sure you pack a belt for your trip.

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    Sk8 Update - Sun Diego Amslam 01:54

    Sk8 Update - Sun Diego Amslam

    by sk8rstv (8/6/08) 182 views

    Check out for more videos! The San Diego AmSlam is 3 stops in to their 6 stop summer tour. Amateurs from all over have been impressing observers with their skate skills, but the real eye opener is the 13 and under division of the Am Slam. These little kids are really ripping it out there, going for broke and hitting the rails hard. Already well known youngster Brendon Villanueva took first place at Stop 3 of the AmSlam in the younger division, but the most impressive showing was from 8 year old... that's right, I said 8 year old... Zach Saraceno, who came in second at stop 3. Eight years old? What were you doing at eight years old? Stop 4 of the Sun Diego AmSlam is at the Escondido Sports Center on July 26th, so if you are in town, preregister at an Sun Diego location and get out there to check out these little kids rip on their boards. And make you feel bad about all the Sesame Street you were watching when you were their age.

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    Sk8 Update - Skateboard for a Cure 02:05

    Sk8 Update - Skateboard for a Cure

    by sk8rstv (8/6/08) 278 views

    Check out for more Sk8rsTV The world's best known skaters will join over 1,000 kids of all ages on a closed, one mile course through the streets of LA next month... and it's all for charity. Skateboard For a Cure 2008 is a huge charity event in which all the money goes to the TJ Martell Foundation, a Children's Hospital based AIDs and Cancer research organization. Participants who donate just 20 dollars or more will get a limited edition “Skateboard for a Cure 2008” T-Shirt, free goodies, and admission into the “after skate party” at Fairfax high school, which you will not want to miss. The party will feature an exclusive skate demo featuring the A list Skaters at the event, autograph sessions, food, music, and raffles for cool prizes. And participants who raise the most money can win great prizes, like top of the line skateboards, guitars, and cell phones. It's gonna be a killer day of skating with your heroes, and it's all for a great cause, so check it out. Skateboard for a Cure goes down on Saturday, August 9th this year, and you can check out more info at Skateboard for a Cure.Com

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    Sk8 Update - Ryan Sheckler ESPN Cover 02:03

    Sk8 Update - Ryan Sheckler ESPN Cover

    by sk8rstv (8/6/08) 9,065 views

    Check out for more Sk8rsTV Skating superstar Ryan Sheckler is on the cover of the latest issue of ESPN: The Magazine as part of their X Games 2008 preview. The 18 year old phenomenon is already a millionaire, has won the Dew Cup three times, won the Street Gold Medal in last year's X Games, and has even starred in a reality show. But sometimes Sheckler is accused of being a “sell out” by some skate enthusiasts, while others credit him for taking street skating to the big time. Sheckler told the magazine that he doesn't mind the people who criticize him, saying “every time somebody calls me out or tries to start something, it’s motivation. I want to give them more reasons not to like me.” Others in the industry praise Sheckler for raising awareness of the sport, like pro street skater Jerome Rogers, who said that skateboarding should go mainstream and that “I'm all for it growing up and being taken seriously. Ryan is helping do that, and he gets hated on the hardest.” Whatever you think of the teenage superstar, Ryan Sheckler is here to stay, and he's raising the level of awareness of a sport that has been marginalized for years.

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    Sk8 Update - Maloof Money Cup 02:33

    Sk8 Update - Maloof Money Cup

    by sk8rstv (8/6/08) 121 views

    Check out for more Sk8rsTV. When the Maloof brothers, owners of the Palms casino in Vegas and the Sacramento Kings basketball team, decided to create a world class skateboard competition, they delivered. The first annual Maloof Money Cup was a huge success, with competitors raving about the 70,000 dollar vert ramp and 150,000 dollar, 230 cubic foot street course, complete with the false front of a bank building and plenty of stairs, tables, benches, and rails for skaters to do their thing on. And the payouts were record shatteringly huge... Pierre Luc Gagnon won the pro vert competition and was awarded 75,000 dollars, the biggest cash prize ever for a skater for his awesome display on the U Shaped composite ramp. And just a few hours later, that bar was raised when Paul Rodriguez won the men's pro street championship and was given 100,00 dollars for his efforts, making that the high water mark for prize money awarded in a pro skating tournament. To put that in perspective, Rodriguez's payout is twice what Chris Cole made when he won the Street competition at last year's X Games. Joe Maloof, who was the visionary behind the money cup, said that “I just think it's time for skateboarding... it's time for these guys to make some money. What's wrong with that?” And they put their money where their mouth is, paying out a total of 475,000 dollars in prize money. And you can bet that the X Games organizers are keeping an eye on the Maloofs and their new tournament to make sure they don't get upstaged... Gagnon even jokingly asked X Games officials if they were going to let the Maloofs “get away with that"

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