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    Cher Goes It Alone 02:34

    Cher Goes It Alone

    by skyshowbiz (11/24/10) 27,903 views

    All Cher wants is to make you happy. But she didn't learn that trait from her ex-husband Sonny. In fact, he didn't teach her much at all. Find out why in our video.

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    Did Christina Aguilera Blub? 02:47

    Did Christina Aguilera Blub?

    by skyshowbiz (11/24/10) 9,818 views

    We all know that the funniest part of any awards ceremony is the gushing acceptance speech. After all, who could forget Gwyneth Paltrow's Oscar weepy. Now, what with getting her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Christina Aguilera has done her very own. But the all important question is, did she blub? Watch our video to find out.

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    Mila On Bitchy Ballet

    Mila On Bitchy Ballet

    by skyshowbiz (11/24/10) 8,391 views

    In new movie Black Swan, Mila Kunis gets to don a tutu to play a ballerina. But the world of ballet is not as beautiful as the dancing itself - Mila says it's actually a catty and competitive world that's she's glad to be out of. Yikes. Click on our video to hear more and to see Mila's much-talked about kiss in the film with Natalie Portman.

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    Kirsten Dunst's Shy Chat 01:07

    Kirsten Dunst's Shy Chat

    by skyshowbiz (11/24/10) 1,032 views

    You'd think being in show business would have made Kirsten Dunst outspoken, confident and even bolshy. But when our LA girl, Diem Brown, caught up with the actress for a chinwag, she found that she was quite the opposite. Watch our video and you'll see what we mean.

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    Backstreet's Back 02:40

    Backstreet's Back

    by skyshowbiz (11/15/10) 601 views

    Ladies, prepare to unleash your inner teenager. Because, wait for it, not one but two classic boy bands are making a comeback. That's right. The Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block have announced that they're touring - together. Get out your 6ft banners, warm up your vocal chords and get ready to hang tough... Sorry.

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    Mary J Blige Turns Designer 01:14

    Mary J Blige Turns Designer

    by skyshowbiz (11/9/10) 411 views

    Mary J Blige has finally found a way to share her signature cool style. As a star very rarely seen without her sunglasses, the singer has designed a new range of shades called Melodies. Find out more about the inspiration behind the collection in our video.

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    Mandy's Date Night Tip 01:29

    Mandy's Date Night Tip

    by skyshowbiz (11/9/10) 593 views

    Oh, that all important first date. Struggling to think of the perfect thing to do with your new man? Or perhaps you feel like you're love life could do with a pick-me-up? Mandy Moore has just the ticket. Although, we're not sure if your boyfriend/husband/special friend (delete as appropriate) would be quite so keen...

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    Michael Jackson's Immortal Talent 02:48

    Michael Jackson's Immortal Talent

    by skyshowbiz (11/5/10) 392 views

    It's what Michael Jackson fans around the world have been waiting for - the Cirque du Soleil show which will celebrate his life and work. The show's choreographer, Jamie King, has been working flat-out all year to perfect the spectacular which has been personally endorsed by Michael's family. Our LA girl, Diem Brown, catches up with him to find out exactly what we can expect.

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