Run quicker searches on Google by browsing the web with GMarker. It's a quick and accurate add-on that returns the top most relevant search results based on real user feedback. Like with other internet browsers searches get lengthy and almost always return completely unrelated links. If your not a professional researcher this will more than likely get very frustrating very fast. GMarker is designed specifically to reduce the time you spend online and to increase your searching potential. Not only is GMarker returning the best search results but it is also highlights them right on the browser page without making changes to Google’s format. This means that you no longer have to go through pages full of useless links and use more than one search engine to get the answers you want. You can also use GMarker with both Google and Firefox, which is a huge plus. This gets rid of the need to download yet another to your computer if your already running on Firefox. GMarker is also totally free of charge to you and its available for downloading to anyone at any time. Another great thing about having GMarker is that it wont slow down your search and you wont have to click through only sponsored links, multiple annoying pop-ups or spam.
  • 23 Mar 2010
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