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    Pyramids of Life. 11:52

    Pyramids of Life.

    by speedyspider (10/23/08) 78 views

    Special holiday preview of AEONS. The production is working hard and getting close to being published. But it seemed like a good idea, considering some of the productions imagery, to put together a little holloween trick'or'treat teaser together. If you only knew what this production was really about you'd freak... 'Row, row, row your boat...

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    Aeons: Human Brain's Recognition Software ! 06:35

    Aeons: Human Brain's Recognition Software !

    by speedyspider (10/15/08) 328 views

    The invisible mesh that the brain uses that allows you the ability to recognize your environment and objects in it. It is that which you also tap when trying to visualize tings in your mind. It's the imagery that you see at time manifesting itself in the 3-dimentional environment that creates visual illusions. But it is also that which is the design of all life on earth. Who ever can manipulate it can manipulate you!

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    Black Dot! 02:11

    Black Dot!

    by speedyspider (9/13/08) 1,434 views

    A black dot appeared in front of the sun on my video camera yet I did not visually see it. It eludes me as to how anything could be seen or videotaped if it is positioned in front of of an extremely bright sun. I video taped this phenomenon twice already and at both occasions it appeared directly in front of the sun. The 3rd time I witnessed it, it was not in front of the sun.

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    Aeons1296000 T9 03:38

    Aeons1296000 T9

    by speedyspider (9/2/08) 177 views

    teaser trailer for documentary: "I am legion for I am Many." The Moari and cydonia connection (earth/Mars) A Kennith E. Jackson Film A Dramarama Production setember 1, 2008

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    Aeons1296000 T8 03:38

    Aeons1296000 T8

    by speedyspider (8/25/08) 188 views

    Mars / Earth Connection: Human Slices A Kennith E. Jackson Film A Dramarama Production Teaser Trailer August 25, 2008.

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    by speedyspider (8/11/08) 136 views

    Teaser Trailer For Documentary Produced By Kennith E. Jackson Fpr Dramarama Productions; August, 2008. Sumit comments or for more information sent request to: ricktyrocket@hotmail.com.

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