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    Naruto - Shut Up! 03:12

    Naruto - Shut Up!

    by starsy7 (1/11/08) 15,845 views

    I worked really hard on this. Took me 3 days straight & it was the 1st time I ever used effects. I think it came out awesome. The only thing bad about this vid are the subs(Too lazy to get rid of them) Enjoy!

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    Naruto - Sakura Sharada 02:49

    Naruto - Sakura Sharada

    by starsy7 (1/4/08) 149,212 views

    This is just an AMV I made fast. The song is short so it didn't take long. This is the last AMV I made in WMM, so the nightmare was over, lol. I think it's pretty good, though. =D

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    FMA - Girlfriend 03:36

    FMA - Girlfriend

    by starsy7 (12/9/07) 89,142 views

    I did this 7 months ago. This was the hardest video I had done up until that date, but, amaizingly, I still think it is AWSOME!!! Something I'll never forget about this vid is that WMM WAS BEING A PAIN DURING THE MAKING OF THIS!!!!!! It was freezing EVERY like...5 minutes, & I got really frustrated. I had to do alot of extra work to make WMM save it just right b/c it kept saving it like 2 seconds off synch. Anyway, ENJOY!! =D

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    FMA - Slipped Away 03:28

    FMA - Slipped Away

    by starsy7 (12/7/07) 94,793 views

    This video is actually a remake of the 1st AMV I ever made. I made this 10 months ago, so I have improved a lot. I remember that it didn't take that long, but I think it came out good.