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    An Interview with Dr. Wayne Miller 05:09

    An Interview with Dr. Wayne Miller

    by stevebeamangroup (9/28/11) 9 views

    We hear so much today about the obesity crisis facing America. Young and old alike seem to be increasing their physical size much faster than their financial size! The cost of the obesity is real both in terms of the damage it does to the individual, and the damage it does to society. Are there new ideas we really should consider?

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    When We Encounter Discipline 05:07

    When We Encounter Discipline

    by stevebeamangroup (8/12/11) 9 views

    As I’ve gone through the most difficult times in my life, to be very honest and open with you, there were many times that I cried out to God asking the question “What do you want with me?” Sometimes, we just don’t know. It’s in those hours when I felt the pain of not feeling purpose and direction and not knowing, that God’s answer to me was “I want it all!” I’d like to explore what that means with you today.

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    Take Care Of Your Teeth! 05:09

    Take Care Of Your Teeth!

    by stevebeamangroup (8/10/11) 21 views

    Wow, I never thought I’d be writing about teeth, gums and dental care, but on the physical path, believe it or not, your teeth are an important part of your life! Recent studies show that there are some 50 million Americans who don’t receive adequate dental care, and we’re something like 10,000 dental care providers short. Well, why does this matter and what are we to do about it?

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    Money & The Emotional Path 05:28

    Money & The Emotional Path

    by stevebeamangroup (8/9/11) 5 views

    With all the turmoil taking place in recent days, and over $1 Trillion taken out of the 401(k) values during the past week, I thought it relevant to talk about money and the emotional path. Why? Because I know that many of you are struggling and concerned, if not worried, about what your financial future holds. This becomes much more than about money, it can hit to the heart of a person.

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    S&P Downgrades the United States! What Does This Mean? 06:35

    S&P Downgrades the United States! What Does This Mean?

    by stevebeamangroup (8/9/11) 6 views

    Well, there you have it! For the first time in our nation’s history, a major rating agency has told the world that our nation may not be reliable to repay its debts and may not be the safest place to put your money. Really, is that really what was said? Before we let our emotions get the better of us, let’s take a deeper look at this seemingly seismic event, and remember that The Steve Beaman Group is all about Real Help, for Real People.

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    Why Can't I Lose Weight? 05:23

    Why Can't I Lose Weight?

    by stevebeamangroup (8/3/11) 5 views

    Clearly, a key concern on the Physical Path is our ability to maintain our weight, or even lose it. I’ve written about various exercise regimes, but today, I want to look at a very basic concept; metabolism. What is this, and why does it matter so much? How can I measure my base metabolism rate and how can I improve it?

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    Five Keys To A Winners Attitude! 06:45

    Five Keys To A Winners Attitude!

    by stevebeamangroup (8/2/11) 12 views

    I’ve written a more detailed account of this topic for my E-Book, but given the challenges and hurdles our nation seems to be increasingly encountering, I wanted to write today’s SBG-Cast as a reminder of the importance of attitude, and highlight a few of the keys that winners employ to keep their attitudes up.

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    Did Washington Solve Our Debt Crisis? 09:28

    Did Washington Solve Our Debt Crisis?

    by stevebeamangroup (8/1/11) 15 views

    Most of us follow the nightly news closely enough to know that Monday August 1st, 2011, Congress is voting on a compromise package to extend the debt limit of the United States and stave off what could be a real disaster. Now, for the millionth time, I’ll say that the Steve Beaman Group is not about politics and therefore I don’t want to make value judgments about this deal. That’s for you. But I do want to provide you facts on this and look at how it affects you and your financial path.

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    Inclusive Christianity 06:27

    Inclusive Christianity

    by stevebeamangroup (8/1/11) 8 views

    I hear so many misconceptions about Christianity today. I watch people like Joel Osteen and even Billy Graham back down to Larry King when he asks “Do you think I’ll be condemned just because I don’t believe in Jesus?” And to that question both of these esteemed preachers responded “That’s for God to judge, not me”. They’re afraid, as are many Christians that they’ll be labeled as “judgmental” and “exclusive”. But what do the Scriptures say?

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