Most of us follow the nightly news closely enough to know that Monday August 1st, 2011, Congress is voting on a compromise package to extend the debt limit of the United States and stave off what could be a real disaster. Now, for the millionth time, I’ll say that the Steve Beaman Group is not about politics and therefore I don’t want to make value judgments about this deal. That’s for you. But I do want to provide you facts on this and look at how it affects you and your financial path.
  • 2 Aug 2011
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It was announced recently that the State of Indiana is requiring schools that use payment vouchers from the State to have certain historical documents available to students before they’re granted State money through these vouchers to operate. Among the documents that are required to be accessible are the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and Common Sense, by Thomas Paine. Why are these so important? Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • 30 Apr 2011
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