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For our third show of work from the estate of Swedish born artist Frederick Remahl (1901-1968), Sullivan Goss has brought together a collection of work that examines the artist's unique vision through his mysterious subjects and magical landscapes.
  • 20 May 2010
  • 152
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Looking back to the beginning of the Last New Century, one realizes that the upheaval and change bemoaned in the contemporary art world had already begun. Sullivan Goss will exhibit paintings from the Hudson River Valley School, American Barbizon, American Renaissance, Orientalism, Luminism, Realism, Impressionism, Symbolism, Art Nouveau, and Arts and Crafts.
  • 27 Apr 2010
  • 321
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Sullivan Goss is pleased to present a new exhibition of drawings, etchings, watercolors and oil paintings from the Estate of Modernist Betty Lane.
  • 22 Feb 2010
  • 93
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For her debut solo exhibition in Santa Barbara, Sullivan Goss presents a series of Connie Connally's contemporary abstract paintings influenced by the light and mood of her new home city.
  • 21 Feb 2010
  • 89
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For this exhibition, Sullivan Goss will present two larger studio paintings as well as a selection of the artist's plein air sketches of Santa Barbara, New York, Mexico and the Middle East.
  • 21 Feb 2010
  • 74
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Sullivan Goss is proud to announce their representation of one of Santa Barbara's most beloved and highly sought-after artists, Oak Group member, Meredith Brooks Abbott.
  • 10 Jan 2010
  • 184
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For his second exhibition at Sullivan Goss, John Nava has created a new body of work around the theme of the Anadyomene - the mythic goddess also known as Venus. He has reimagined her in terms more familiar to contemporary life in California.
  • 6 Dec 2009
  • 82
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Sullivan Goss presents a salon exhibition comprised one hundred art works priced at $1,000 or less.
  • 6 Dec 2009
  • 64
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For our second exhibition of works from the Estate of Sidney Gordin, Sullivan Goss will present an exhibition of sculpture and works on paper that investigate the intersection of both media in the artist's thinking about space.
  • 6 Dec 2009
  • 100
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Sullivan Goss is pleased to present our debut exhibition for Contemporary Realist, Robert Townsend. Townsend paints highly finished images of the icons of an American Pop mythology.
  • 6 Sep 2009
  • 118
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In the latest exhibition of paintings and prints by 20th century American muralist and painter, Richard Haines, the gallery offers a new insight into the artist's ideas of those things which endure.
  • 9 Aug 2009
  • 242
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In her latest exhibition at Sullivan Goss, contemporary painter Nicole Strasburg pushes her Tonalist palette to express the natural world in terms of the ancient primary elements.
  • 5 Aug 2009
  • 121
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JON FRANCIS: AMERICAN ICONS JANUARY 8, 2009 - MARCH 29, 2009 Jon Francis returns to Sullivan Goss for his third solo-exhibition, American Icons. The artist’s long career in film and television helps explain his eye for the cinematic - even iconic – in images of Southern California, San Francisco, and New York.
  • 16 Jul 2009
  • 90
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There is a new installation of sculpture in the Gardin de las Granadas by internationally renowned sculptor, Aristides Demetrios
  • 24 Jun 2009
  • 159
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Sullivan Goss presents their debut exhibition for Santa Barbara ceramist, James Haggerty. Marrying special glazes with archetypal forms, Haggerty is one of the up and coming stars in contemporary ceramics.
  • 23 Jun 2009
  • 150
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Sullivan Goss is proud to present our new exhibit "Angela Perko: New Work". This is the third solo show for this Santa Barbara artist.
  • 4 Jun 2009
  • 126
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LA NOIR offers a new insight into the dark, seamy, sexy side of Los Angeles - a poignant counterpoint to the image of Los Angeles as the Land of Sunshine. Tracing this idea all the way to the 1930s, this exhibition examines a hidden history and a seductive strategy for the artists of Tinsel Town.
  • 12 May 2009
  • 328
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