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    T-Drill TCC-45 SVO 05:15

    T-Drill TCC-45 SVO

    by syreja (5/17/07) 685 views

    WWW.T-DRILL.US Chipless and Burrless automated tube cutting machine from T-Drill Fast servo feed. Designed for long tubes.

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    T-Drill SEC-100 05:01

    T-Drill SEC-100

    by syreja (5/17/07) 349 views

    WWW.T-DRILL.US SEC-100 Automatic Collaring Machine Collaring range O.D: 21.3 - 114.3 mm (1/2" - 4") Max run tube O.D. 219.1 mm (1" - 8") Wall thickness up to 4.0 mm Collaring time 5 - 10 minutes

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    T-Drill T-110 03:36

    T-Drill T-110

    by syreja (5/17/07) 1,310 views

    WWW.T-DRILL.US T-DRILL model T-110 is transportable collaring station for extruding branch outlets in pipe

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    T-Drill S-54 Tbc 03:39

    T-Drill S-54 Tbc

    by syreja (5/20/07) 624 views

    WWW.T-DRILL.US Collaring Machine S-54 T-DRILL has been manufacturing collaring machines for A/C and Automotive applications for over 30 years. S-54 is able to provide good quality small collars like old S-20 did. It also can handle larger collars up to 2 1/8" (54 mm) which was the strength of old S-55. We therefore have a reason to believe that our new S-54 Automatic Collaring Machine can meet most of the requirements that exist on A/C and Automotive applications. S-54 is available also with Manual Feed Table for header manufacturers. Only one brazed joint instead of three as with T-fittings Joint quality - less leakages - better flow - less after sales troubles Production time reductions Less waste material Less inventory of fittings No cutting of Run-Tube Remarkable production cost reductions - up to 80%

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    T-Drill Sp-55 01:39

    T-Drill Sp-55

    by syreja (5/16/07) 471 views

    WWW.T-DRILL.US T-DRILL Tube End Spinners are capable of making common industry end forms in copper, brass and some aluminum tubes. The diameters from 6.4 - 104 mm (1/4" - 4 1/8") can be formed. There are three different endforms that can be made with standard toolings: Tube End Closing, Tube End Reduction, Tube End Expanding.

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    T-Drill Tcc-45-Ef3 04:23

    T-Drill Tcc-45-Ef3

    by syreja (5/16/07) 275 views

    WWW.T-DRILL.US Chipless cut-off with Integrated Endformer TCC-45-EF3 has been designed for Automatic chipless rotary cutting, grooving and endforming. All three operations simultaneously. This eliminates tube handling from cut-off machine to stand alone endformer. TCC-45-EF3 provides solution for high volume production with industry standard endforms.

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    T-Drill F-200 02:30

    T-Drill F-200

    by syreja (5/17/07) 3,944 views

    WWW.T-DRILL.US With T-DRILL F-series pipe flanging machines you achieve new potential in heavy-duty pipe end forming and flanging. Lips and flanges are formed directly on the end of the pipe - a system that saves you up to 40% in both time and costs compared with traditional weld neck flange connections.

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    T-Drill Plus-100 02:48

    T-Drill Plus-100

    by syreja (6/3/07) 901 views

    WWW.T-DRILL.US The PLUS 100 is a profit producing attachment for the T-60. The PLUS 100 forms 2" to 4" outlets on K, L or M copper tube from 2 1/2" to 8". It will also create those hard to find tees such as 2-4".

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    T-Drill Tec-150 02:37

    T-Drill Tec-150

    by syreja (6/3/07) 5,072 views

    WWW.T-DRILL.US The entire T-DRILL TEC-150 process from pilot hole milling to collar trimming is carried out in a single workstation. Further advantages have been achieved by incorporating the latest technology. Our TEC-150 is able to provide increased productivity thanks to the improvements made in the tube positioning, handling and collaring operations. Smaller diameter collars of O.D. 21.3-26.9 mm (1/2"-3/4" IPS) are now also achievable depending on run tube diameter and wall thickness.

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