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    Sanity and Mental Health 07:27

    Sanity and Mental Health

    by system2ss (3/22/12) 5 views

    What do people really know about sanity and mental health? A lot, one may claim, but is it true? Does any science possess any diagnostic tool or instrument or maybe STANDARD according to which anybody could say whether this or that person IS mentally healthy or sick? Slavic applied science owes such tool, more over, it responds plenty of questions connected with psychiatry and human mind. What questions? Just watch the video. A fragment of a lecture performed by well known businessmen, strategic consultant and Scientist - Oleg Maltsev.

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    How to the Learnto Win 02:36

    How to the Learnto Win

    by system2ss (3/22/12) 1 views

    HOW TO LEARN TO WIN ANYTIME AND EVERYWHERE? It is widely mentioned, from the point of view of Orthodoxy, refusal of a duel, refusal of a showdown is a suicide, and a suicide is a heavy sin. So learn how to win duels. The first thing that you need to learn, is to win these duels, constantly, every time win these duels! Having learnt, how to win them, you are to become strong, and strong people do not have to prove anything to anybody at all, especially the fact, they are really strong. Therefore you can learn how to manage this process. HOW to perform that?

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    Invisible Guard Company, Ltd. Official Portfolio 42:24

    Invisible Guard Company, Ltd. Official Portfolio

    by system2ss (3/16/12) 7 views

    Invisible Guard Company, Ltd is an official Ukrainian representative of the "United Society of Russian Science in Europe" The fields in which this company is truly called an outstanding PRO are straightly connected with Business, FINANCE and APPLYING SCIENCE. Invisible Guard Company, Ltd is a unique structure that legally has all rights to use and exploit contemporary technologies produced by Austrian Scientific Research Institute. These technologies allow to solve various business problems, such as: - technologies and business constructing; - strategic consulting; - HR-management; - client stream management; - finance & investments; - complex security; - advocacy; - personal safety. Invisible Guard Company, Ltd is your reliable Partner! We are happy to deal with you!