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    Amazing Six-Year-Old Singer 04:57

    Amazing Six-Year-Old Singer

    by taltalk (6/12/07) 1,717,283 views

    She's not only adorable - but dead on! Watch this amazing 6 year old sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow PERFECTLY on Britain's Got Talent. Even Simon was impressed! WOW.

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    Fly A Bike

    Fly A Bike

    by taltalk (10/5/06) 5,767 views

    I love extreme sports! Check out how these guys just fly in the air on their bikes. Incredible height, incredible stunts.

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    Tara Reid - D-Listed 01:38

    Tara Reid - D-Listed

    by taltalk (9/7/06) 296,812 views

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Tara went clubbing and she was refused entry! To make things worse, former BFF Paris Hilton appeared and was immediately let in. Maybe cause she was showing cleavage?

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    Romantic See Saw

    Romantic See Saw

    by taltalk (9/6/06) 35,096 views

    Aw, how romantic - a husband and wife together on a see-saw, the husband holding on tightly to her waste, the husband letter go, the wife flying in the air... Who says chivalry is dead?

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    How To Fake A High Jump WTF

    How To Fake A High Jump WTF

    by taltalk (9/7/06) 215,752 views

    The Japanese show us how easy it is, with minimum technology, to fake all kinds of olympic feats. Who needs streoids when you have blue screen?