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Each summer just after the July 4th Weekend we plant our pumpkins in NJ. This year we used our new tiller and it made the job a lot easier. I enlisted the help of a friend to plant 10 Mounds to make our pumkin patch, this video shows how we created each mound in 10 easy steps.
  • 31 Jul 2009
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Victory gardens became family and community activities, as almost any available piece of land was considered for food production. The US Government and private publishers provided printed information to new gardeners on gardening techniques, pest identification and treatments, and even suggested what kinds of fruits and vegetables to plant.
  • 15 Jun 2009
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Hi, my name is Oz and this video shows the same tiller i use in my garden. For more information feel free to check my website at *******thegardenofoz**** SEE YOU THERE!
  • 2 Jan 2012
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