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Very special people seen as "freaks" by most normal people-who the real freaks are.Special mix done to "Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson.
  • 9 Apr 2008
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Tribute to Heath Ledger,Nick Park, Brad Renfro,River Phoenix, Brandon Lee,Tupac Shakur,Marilyn Monroe. Children of God cult, Dave Berg aka.'Moses'-Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care ceremony exposed by Al Lewis.(Google 'Bohemian Grove' for full video)Music by:Nick Park-'Pink Moon' and 'Cello Song' from Pink Moon album.Paintings by John Pitre.
  • 23 Mar 2009
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Political satire about George Bush, Osama Bin Laden and mideast conflict. A dose of laughter as medicine for an ailing world...
  • 4 Feb 2008
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What the world needs more of... Tribute to relationships, growing old together, and love. Music by "Stevie Nicks-Fleetwood Mac-Landslide
  • 3 Feb 2008
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Tribute to Pink Floyd-"Goodbye Blue Sky"-from "The Wall" Chemtrails vs. Contrails-blue skies disappearing-raising awareness for the pollution problem
  • 28 Aug 2008
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