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Thomas Easaw as writer, musician and philosopher, has brought out a song in support of Anna Hazare and his movement against corruption. He has been working for the past twenty five years for the implementation of his "Justice Theory and the Ten Amendments" by Governments the world over. He has been the first ever philosopher to have mooted the idea that judges should be made accountable for the judgments they make and a death sentence if proved wrong, if not properly explainable by the judge, should amount to attempt to murder or to at least some lesser degree of responsibility, than the absolute unaccountability of today. He has also been the first to question the immunity granted to lawyers and to have argued that just as we do not set the robber free, saying his profession is robbery; lawyers also should not be set free but be punished, along with the convicted, in the proportion of their role in the malpractices committed, if any. Thomas Easaw's Ten Amendments are 1. Accountability for judges. 2. Accountability for lawyers. 3. A special recruitment system with the highest standards and remuneration for judges, so that only the best in capability and integrity would opt for it. 4. After making judges and lawyers accountable, court fee to be abolished for it is the greatest human rights violation in all history. 5. Discretionary power which causes corruption, to be removed from all facets of the Law. 6. Fine in lieu of imprisonment, being the greatest injustice against the poor, to be abolished because both imprisonment and fine hurts the poor, whereas only one of them hurts the rich. 7. The present practice of the judiciary relying heavily on prior higher court judgments to be done away with, for now, any two conniving lawyers can sabotage any law of the land, if one of them is willing to lose for the sake of gain. This back-door provision for creating laws and rules should be stopped at any cost, for a civilized society cannot let an unaccountable judiciary to set precedents. 8. The Law needs to be simplified so that the common citizen can comprehend, obey and live by it. 9. If it is a crime when a citizen kills, how can it not be a crime when the government or the court implements capital punishment? 10. Justice to be declared a man's birthright, so that every man could demand it, rather than beg and plead for it as he is forced to do today. Full text available at *******www.thomaseasaw****/justicetheory.htm
  • 8 Apr 2011
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The Greatest Antiwar Song by Thomas Easaw, the Deepest Living Voice on Earth
  • 15 Oct 2007
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