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    Super Structure 01:55

    Super Structure

    by tiel_99 (2/13/07) 2,479 views

    Demolition of a high rise apartment block. Watch as bulldozers tear down a 15 storey high building right down to the ground.

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    Tearing Of A High Rise Building Wall 01:38

    Tearing Of A High Rise Building Wall

    by tiel_99 (5/21/07) 2,726 views

    Watch an excavator tear down a concrete wall as if it were made of sand! The high rise apartment block opposite mine is being torn down and I've captured how they are doing it with excavators. I'll post the complete video when they have razed the building to the ground. Probably next week or after.

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    Goofy Coaster

    Goofy Coaster

    by tiel_99 (5/21/07) 1,394 views

    A ride on the Goofy Coaster in Toon Town, Disneyland, Anaheim, CA

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    Charlie And MUB 01:44

    Charlie And MUB

    by tiel_99 (5/21/07) 719 views

    A stop motion animated short about a monster under a boy's bed and their night time adventures in a fantasy landl.