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The Final Chapter Xena, the Conqueror is in search of her slave she mistakenly believes to be captured by her ex-soldiers. Gabrielle has the choice of whether to go after her, or to let her get what she deserves
  • 9 Sep 2009
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A xena/gabrielle vid about how sometimes its not easy being all buddy buddy with the warrior princess
  • 23 May 2009
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The third vid in my Xena, The Conqeror Series where gabrielle is being subjugated to all sorts of crulty by The Conqueror because she suspects her of betraying her.
  • 21 May 2009
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A fun Xena vid basically made like a story... The storyline is based on a badish xena who has been pulled up for all her plundering and pillaging and whatever other naughtiness she gets up to. She is being pubically ridiculed when she first meets gabrielle... Gabrielle is somewhat captivated by the warrior princess and seeks to free her. In so doing she is arrested and enslaved herself... hopefully the rest is easy enough to follow! I do not own the rights to xena.
  • 20 Mar 2009
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This is just a fun xena vid meant to tell a story about xena as a conqueror who falls in love with her new rebellious slave. Gabrielle, however, doesn't take too well to captivity, and on her final escape attempt she finds herself in the clutches of the enemy! **scarey 'ooooh'** ;) Will she escape, or will i feed her to the wolves... i could, you know *girls just wanna have fun footage ;) Rightio! Still got my training wheels on... this is my first vid with sony vegas.
  • 24 Mar 2009
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  • 4 Dec 2008
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Justa fun vid about xena and gabrielle and the very few times she may have been a lil' bit loose with her morals ;) i do not own the rights to xena
  • 22 Dec 2008
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Justa fun vid using the voices of the characters from South Park.
  • 31 Dec 2008
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