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toddb's Channel

Hi Everyone! Hope you are enjoying the SPRING season!! The videos you find on this channel are all NOT FOR PROFIT!! Including the few videos that I have produced!! I hope to make more as time allows.And thanks for tuning in!!


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    Warm Me Up!! 01:56

    Warm Me Up!!

    by toddb (12/19/09) 45,153 views

    I love her look!! It is 16 freakin degrees today so I needed a booster shot of HEAT!! ENJOY :-)

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    For INMA!! 03:47

    For INMA!!

    by toddb (12/12/09) 191 views

    This video is for my friend INMA who just had a Birthday December 8th. I became a bit obsessed with a few of the plants so I included some more than once!!LOL!! I hope you will like it!! Toddb

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    by toddb (11/15/09) 64,240 views

    The girl on the right seems to be having a TOUGH TIME!! LOL

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    Disco Superman 05:43

    Disco Superman

    by toddb (7/6/09) 821 views

    I found this Dico version of Superman the music theme LOL!! I thought I would combine the opening credits with this WACKY VERSION!! I did not have the time to fade out the audio at the end so I hop0e you won't mind! ENJOY!! Toddb The musical score is of course by THE AMAZING JOHN WILLIAMS!!Perhaps the best composer we have here in America!!

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    Honey I'm Home!! Fhm 02:38

    Honey I'm Home!! Fhm

    by toddb (6/14/09) 196,265 views

    Some lovely ladies INDEED!! Check out Amanda.She could be Jennifer Love Hewitt's sister or stunt double!!PRRRRRR!!!

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