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    Web Prosperity, Get in on This Amazing Opportunity Now Make Money Online 06:52

    Web Prosperity, Get in on This Amazing Opportunity Now Make Money Online

    by towhid123 (1/9/09) 337 views

    Pre-Launch Position! Join NOW WEBPROSPERITY (WP) PASSES 5,000 SIGNUPS IN SINGLE DAY.... ...AND GROWING FAST!!! Imagine how much spill over you're missing by not joining this FREE opportunity righ now, STOP READING THIS AND JOIN! Founder & Chief Spokesperson David DArcangeloAnnounces PRE-LAUNCH Conf. Calls Reason: To announce Webprosperity − the most dominating Internet Marketing value proposition ever introduced online with an insanely lucrative business opportunity attached! These calls will MAX out fast so on early!!! Get your leaders in place NOW. Youre off to a great start, but you need to Keep the Team Strong and Success-Driven dont let anyone get left behind in the Matrix!

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    6dgr 3 Steps To Get Rich! Best Social Network 02:56

    6dgr 3 Steps To Get Rich! Best Social Network

    by towhid123 (12/28/08) 278 views

    Go to and click "Join Now". You Must Need a sponsor Personal website networking, social networking business, social networking sites, social networking software, best social networking, social networking website, online social networking, internet social networking, social networking site, mobile social networking, social networking platform, list of social networking, social networking websites, social networking blog, top social networking sites, adult social networking, open source social networking, social networking script, what is social networking, top social networking, free social networking, social networking web, create social networking, new social networking, popular social networking, social networking list, business networking, business social network, online business networking, social network, social networks, networking, social, bebo, dating sites, social network website, social network software, adult social network, social network websites, social network site, social network sites, online social network, online social networks, top social networks, social network analysis, hi5, dating site, networking events, online networking, social software, web 2.0, web2.0, social media, ryze, business network, business networking groups, social groups, professional networking, small business networking, networking networks, matchmaking, video dating, dating software, dating, online dating software, online dating, make friends online, internet dating ranau

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    Make Money Online with 6dgr

    Make Money Online with 6dgr

    by towhid123 (12/28/08) 201 views

    Join Now:::: members get paid two ways: 1) When you invite your friends, 6dgr will pay you $4 for each friend that signs up and becomes Active! In addition to that, each member is paid $3 for each person their friends sign up who becomes Active, AND another $2 for each person signed up by their friend's friends that becomes Active! If you only have 10 friends, you can make thousands of dollars! Imagine the potential for most people who have more than 10 friends! We are not trying to get 100 million people here but rather create a place where 10 million cool people can have fun and get paid. 2) Active members are also paid a residual amount every month! Have you ever heard of credit card companies offering cash back? The same principle applies with 6dgr, except the percent given back to you is much more significant than a share of one person's spending. You are paid a percentage of each individual's monthly earnings for your entire network. This can amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars in residual income every month for an individual member! Let's use the 10 friends example: 10 friends that invite 10 friends that invite 10 friends, all earning about $100 per month on 6dgr. We, just like many other companies, earn close fees on all spending that occurs on the debit and any future credit cards. The 6dgr patented revenue system takes some of our margin and uses this to pay members for their network's spending. In the example above you would end up having 1,110 friends that each earn $100 a month, and based on present deals you will make approximately $0.20 cents per person per month. This means YOU get about $222 per month paid to you via your preferred payment partner account.

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    ...And the Snow Falls - Original by James Wetzel 03:15

    ...And the Snow Falls - Original by James Wetzel

    by towhid123 (12/18/08) 4,621 views

    This is for all you love birds out there. STEREO: watch in stereo - this link is better quality than the "high quality" button. -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- FAQ: Yes, I will upload a video lesson of this song + tabs. Yes, there are 3 tracks: 1. Rhythm guitar 2. Lead guitar 3. Snare drum I played the drums myself live. -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- Thank you to everyone who has supported me, and to YouTube for endlessly working to improve and market new media :D

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    AdSense for Search 02:08

    AdSense for Search

    by towhid123 (12/14/08) 2,714 views

    AdSense for search is now powered by Custom Search, meaning publishers have more advanced customization options for their search results and ads. Options include keyword tuning, vertical search, and selecting the placement of ads on search results pages. For more information, visit .

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    GH:WT Misery Busniess on Hard 100% 03:42

    GH:WT Misery Busniess on Hard 100%

    by towhid123 (12/13/08) 500 views

    my playing misery business by Paramore on hard. 100% notes hit, perfect note streak. used a different camera. not only did the battery run out right after finishing the song, but i also overwrote my prom video for this, so you better fuckin enjoy it. perfect note streak, hyperspeed on 5.

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