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    Blindness Official Movie Trailer HD 07:52

    Blindness Official Movie Trailer HD

    by trailerhits (12/2/08) 338 views

    TrailerHits.com is the first and only show to review movie trailers. Is 'Blindness' A TrailerHit or a TrailerMiss? Watch the trailer and judge for yourself. Plot: When the world is afraid it is contagion the government quarantines the group. Others follow in the government prison who are also blind and the movie follows the prison gang activities between three rooms of prisoners in their quest for survival. The outside is shut off and the characters are not shown what has become of the world during the movie. One of the rooms in the prison, Ward 3, is made up of all men prisoners who take over the food rations. The King of Ward 3 has a gun. As people begin to starve the room of all men offer food in exchange for valuables. After no more valuables are to be had an orgy with the women and wives is wanted. Women volunteer to save the rest of the prisoners from starvation. Half with bravery, half in tears they walk into the room of blind men reaching out in the air for them. The movie fades to black as you listen to grunts of the men and a flicker of a spotlight show a fist in air cracking down on the skull of a woman who has gone into shock and called by the blind men a "dead fi Distributed by Tubemogul.

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