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    New York Central Volume 1 02:40

    New York Central Volume 1

    by trainlover (1/21/08) 1,008 views

    Purchase at -- The New York Central was Emery Gulash's favorite railroad. This favoritism generated from the same genes one carries for such other mundane subjects as apple pie, alma mater and the spouse. The Central was the main line that ran within fifty feet of Emery's bedroom when he was a child. It didn't matter that it was the outermost track of a casually used switch yard, it was still a main line to him. During Emery's developing years, when he could afford a camera and film money, he moved to Dearborn, Michigan. Now he was in the big time--on a real main line! The Michigan Central ran through Dearborn, but in most circles it was known as The New York Central System. With this heritage, Green Frog offers the explanation that most of this Odyssey is from 16mm film generated in Detroit and the adjacent vicinity. Next Emery's interest trickled down to Ohio, predominately Toledo, which is on the Central's MAIN main line. After Toledo, Emery encountered other locations in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. These outlying encounters were usually in conjunction with other rail fan destinations, which provided only casual filming of the Central. So sit back and enjoy the Central as Emery saw it.