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    Build A 32 Plate 31 Cell Series HHO Electrolyzer Make Hydrogen F 03:28

    Build A 32 Plate 31 Cell Series HHO Electrolyzer Make Hydrogen F

    by cheaphardwarez (12/28/07) 58,437 views

    A Simple high efficiency HHO electrolyzer. This design is simple and and can be mad at home. It produces a lot of gas per watt. It is on "par" with commercial browns gas torches. Here you get to see the cell being assembled. You can increase the fuel mileage of your car with this simple device. This was designed to run on baking soda at 4 volts per cell, but double the number of plates and you can use lye and increase efficiency. Using a 80 uF capacitor in series with an inverter this cell runs in my car. The caps limits current and prevents thermal run away. Nothing fancy. Keeping is Simple! The stainless was cut using my home made plasma cutter. It was able to get 4 foot by 8 foot sheets of stainless from a local supplier, bur MSC supply has many types and sizes for a little more.

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    Go Green! Homemade Diesel 02:40

    Go Green! Homemade Diesel

    by babblin5 (12/4/07) 83,831 views

    Making Biodiesel is easier than you think, and great for the environment. See for yourself, using inexpensive items available at most grocery stores!

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    Mac Software 04:26

    Mac Software

    by l0ckergn0me (12/3/07) 92 views - Wicket just doesn't understand that there ARE a lot of excellent programs out there for your Mac. And now, for the next few days, you can save up to 70% off of the regular price for many titles you'll want to own at

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    DIY Hot Pad 02:47

    DIY Hot Pad

    by loup226 (10/29/07) 112,702 views

    Learn in this video how to make sodium acetate (hot ice experiment)with household item,and how to make heater pad re-usable more than 100time,give 45*c for 1 hour.You Can Save Money ...

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