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    INTERACTIVE: Blend Your Own Adventure! - START HERE

    INTERACTIVE: Blend Your Own Adventure! - START HERE

    by troyganboii (5/5/09) 960 views

    " on Special thanks to: Blendtec Jeff Robe Eilene Webb Aexian Studios Steve Vidal Lindsey Vidal Mark Rauwerda Joe Penna (MysteryGuitarMan): (MysteryGuitarMan helped me out with all the Annotations) LINKS: Watch my other videos: My homepage: ONLINE STORE (T-shirts Available): Twitter: facebook: MySpace: BlogTV: ... Corey Vidal Will It ...

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    Spyware Doctor FREE Licence 01:51

    Spyware Doctor FREE Licence

    by troyganboii (4/8/09) 9,100 views

    The licence is name:Matz olsson licence: 0JTZXG-FA0RN3-V9KXG9-1JAXKW-C8 U31B-6DGGCK it should update but i cant be sure:¬) subscribe and rate (if you subscribe to me i will subscribe back)

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    FREE Webhosting 100GB Bandwidth 02:41

    FREE Webhosting 100GB Bandwidth

    by troyganboii (4/8/09) 334 views

    get a massive 100GB bandwidth and 1500MB space it comes with dedicated servers with 99.99 percent uptime it also has a cool FREE web building tool. ALL COMPLETELY FREE just sign up below

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    Fallout 3 - Rare Weapons 03:39

    Fallout 3 - Rare Weapons

    by troyganboii (11/9/08) 35,089 views

    Fallout 3 rare weapons showoff! Here are some unique weapons that may not be able to find in the game (without cheats :P ) Cheats: the only things thats not possible to find is "Firehydrant" and "Radioactive spit" And this video shows a good example of the perk: Bloody mess! Enjoy :) Ps. I noticed from a couple of comments that the rolling pin is rare, i tought so when i looked trough a list of all weapons ,my bad guys. :( credits: Thanks to a guy nazma for showing me where to find Lincolns repeater.

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    Fallout 3: Mr Sandman Killing Spree 07:52

    Fallout 3: Mr Sandman Killing Spree

    by troyganboii (11/5/08) 4,524 views

    UPDATE: after scanning my inbox and seeing a stupidly large amount of messages asking for the song titles (and enough comments to warrant this too) here they are: 1. Mr Sandman - The Chordettes 2. Outland - Celldweller 3. Solaris - Celldweller Tenpenny towers, taking full advantage of the sandman perk... except for tennpenny himself, his death needed to be a little more... special :D EDIT: SEE VIDEO RESPONSE FOR A MUCH BETTER ENDING ^

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