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    Ferrari Movie 02:56

    Ferrari Movie

    by tvkhaled. (11/27/07) 4,206 views

    Featuring some (of course not all) of road going Ferraris, since understandingly it's virtually impossible to have all of them in a single video, so apologies to lovers of models not featured in it...

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    Dodge Viper Music Video 02:18

    Dodge Viper Music Video

    by tvkhaled. (10/23/07) 1,422 views

    Possibly the craziest American production sports car, the Viper has fared well against it's competitors, whether American or European...

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    F-15 Fighter Jet Music Video 03:55

    F-15 Fighter Jet Music Video

    by tvkhaled. (10/15/07) 14,518 views

    The awsome tactical fighter that appeared in the 70's,& still great even compared to more modern ones-the sound at the end of the movie is the real sound of the F15 flying!

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    DeTomaso Pantera Music Video 02:30

    DeTomaso Pantera Music Video

    by tvkhaled. (10/4/07) 5,577 views

    The Pantera had the right ingredients in the 70's & 80's; a great Italian body, & a good old American muscle from a Ford V8,that's why it was a huge success in that period...

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    2007 Frankfurt Auto Show Higlights 03:46

    2007 Frankfurt Auto Show Higlights

    by tvkhaled. (10/15/07) 1,002 views

    Highlights from the famous Auto show...this is a 4 minute long, edited,music video version of the 23 minute long narrated movie called "Road Look TV" from ,with only the impressive parts of it...

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    Vector W2 Twin Turbo Tribute 03:11

    Vector W2 Twin Turbo Tribute

    by tvkhaled. (9/22/07) 5,357 views

    The W2 was the first model from Vector, and was never put into production,but this famous prototype helped in the introduction of the W8, the following, updated model that actually made it into production...

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    De Lorean Sportscar 01:40

    De Lorean Sportscar

    by tvkhaled. (9/11/07) 2,938 views

    De Lorean, the ill fated sportscar of the 80's, was famous for it's stainless steel body & gullwing doors, but was out of production for some years now.These days, speculations predict it may have a come back in 2008 or maybe later, if everything goes to plan...

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    Isdera The German Supercar 02:10

    Isdera The German Supercar

    by tvkhaled. (9/11/07) 2,342 views

    Isdera is a German sportscar maker, & in the past they had a special model named the "Imperator", which one way or another was linked sometimes to Mercedes Benz, & was famous for it's futuristic shape...

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