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In this video I have strayed from the path that I normally do I am playing Attack on Titans this game is from A Manga T v show and movie Hope you all enjoy
  • 20 Apr 2017
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Part 2 of the part 1 of the 24 hour challenge
  • 6 Apr 2017
  • 21
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I'm in the same server and the "Trying to Get Kissed" Challenge didn't work,so me and ghost came up with this great idea The 24 hour challenge,but this time it's in Roblox this is my idea as though my sources go through Hope you enjoy the video!
  • 5 Apr 2017
  • 43
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Me and my brother Ghost had came to a conclusion to do some things and annoy all the girls in the lobby But what we didn't know was that none of them liked us Just kidding we already knew we pissed most of them off!
  • 2 Apr 2017
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Sorry for the delay of videos,I have had a really busy schedule and what kind of way to give the favor back then to make a video about MAGIC!
  • 2 Apr 2017
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If you don't know who John Doe is,he and his famous get together friend Jane Doe. Are two of the first dummy accounts in Roblox. Then they were hacked.
  • 18 Mar 2017
  • 35
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If you don't know what or who TheCOmmunity is its basically an group that goes around telling people they will hack them. SOme people tend to think John Doe is connected.
  • 18 Mar 2017
  • 31
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In this video I am playing with my friends Shnoodles,Parksideprison,and CheetahBomcom. There is an part 2 for this video, so wait for that to come out
  • 15 Mar 2017
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comment random video in the comment section Like and subscribe and enjoy the video
  • 14 Mar 2017
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In this video i have picked two contestants to compete for 4k. Go check out my brothers Twitch and My friend Luna who needs some support on her channel too!! Thier Channels are Luna Cold water and Chunkty Munkty.
  • 13 Mar 2017
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  • 17 Mar 2017
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