Hi AGAIN... GOD is Great and always Mysterious ... SEE the wonderful creation of GOD which is beyond the science and imagination...--- chameleon... I think I would make a good spy. I can sort of be a chameleon. People don't notice me very easily. I never get recognized... if u like it... then PLEASE SUBSCRIBE... So i can upload similar videos for you , my dear friends...
  • 15 Feb 2017
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Many times we do same things , what were we doing since many years. Because we get adapted to the current scenario . We should look the same scenario from a child's point of view, who knows almost nothing so we can take our decisions unbiased. This is the only main difference which makes us an inventor , a real human with common sense and with natural randomness... I THINK SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO NOT DO DIFFERENT THINGS , THEY DO SIMILAR THINGS IN DIFFERENT WAY.
  • 31 Jan 2017
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Happiness, the ultimate goal of our life... however i consider that happiness is not a destination, it's a journey... and a little smile helps us to cultivate it and to live with it...
  • 30 Jan 2017
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