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Portrait Gallery with a Latin Beat
  • 13 Jul 2010
  • 72
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A multi-media metaphor depicting the helplessness of the individual in the face of international geopolitics. Note: Soundtrack used with permission by Animoto, Inc., for non-commercial use. Black & white photos used permission via Creative Commons license. Color images and montage copyright of the creator.
  • 27 Jun 2010
  • 140
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A meditation on the continuing assault on the ecological balance of the Earth and the helplessness of the individual to deal with the impending tragedy, the latest being the BP (British Petroleum) oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico
  • 17 Jun 2010
  • 673
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A shorter version of Techno-Death: a short film designed to provide a metaphor of the incipient environmental catastrophe and the helplessness of the individual
  • 16 Jun 2010
  • 153
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As the individual becomes more desperate, there is an effort to ignore it, deny it, or cover it up. But where does it go?
  • 15 Jun 2010
  • 169
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