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    Heart Broken? 06:30

    Heart Broken?

    by valsartdiary (10/28/07) 700 views

    -Hope you guys have time to check out : Be part of "WEB 2.0 ART PROJECT". I'm sure you guys see all the Valentine's Day decorations in the stores all around you. There are hearts, cupids, roses, chocolates, teddy bears, and so on. EBAY: PRINTS: I feel that all these symbols are great REMINDERS of the holiday and reminders of love but they don't really evoke the FEELING of love in me. You know that sinking feeling in your stomach or your heart. YOU CAN BUY MY PAINTINGS ON EBAY:

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    Editing Tips... 07:29

    Editing Tips... "EAT YOURCOOKIES"

    by valsartdiary (10/29/07) 764 views

    Many people asked me about the little eat my cookies clips at the end of my videos... what it's all about and how I made it. Today I'll tell you everything! Everything. "Eat your cookies" exposed. Pls Ignore the intro... The Fireworks accident caught on camera. Don't do this at home, please