INDIA -  As It Is

INDIA - As It Is

My videos will show you the face of real India. It may include Indian people, lifestyle, society, road traffic, natural beauty and lots more. You're free to request any video you want me to take for you.


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    Live Ride on Indian Road 02:25

    Live Ride on Indian Road

    by vdevang (10/14/08) 1,719 views

    My earlier hit video showed you the messed up traffic on a circle. In this video, I take you live on it, while I ride my bike on road and show you the entire road and messed up traffic on it in the live condition. Also, you will see cows sitting in between road. This is a rare sight in few countries, but an often sight here in India. And these cows sitting on road, sometimes causes big accidents. Like they run heavily on roads sometimes and they hit to a running vehicle. There have been cases of deaths on road due to cows, but still it keeps on happening. Nobody is worried about it. Also you will get to see people buzzing 'HORNS' even without any needs. Or rather say, everyone is so restless that they use HORN as a musical instrument. This is unlike western countries where buzzing a horn means insulting someone else. Here it keeps on happening.

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    Pocket Stove 01:27

    Pocket Stove

    by vdevang (10/10/08) 1,850 views

    A pocket stove. How to make fire the cheapest way. This is extremely useful if you're traveling in mountains or lonely places. A quick stove.

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    Indian Potter - Magical Fingers over Clay 01:49

    Indian Potter - Magical Fingers over Clay

    by vdevang (3/25/08) 5,433 views

    He can even make clay pots which were used in Ancient Civilizations. Flower pot that he makes is really beautiful. Watch how beautifully and easily he gives shape to clay. Rather he makes it easy for us to watch, but isn't that easy. Fun to watch.