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    Colorados Fugindo Do Raio!

    Colorados Fugindo Do Raio!

    by vdtsal (2/6/10) 49 views

    Raios interromperam treino de Corinthians e Internacional. Jogadores do Inter fugindo de forma suspeita! Colorado é tudo puto!

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    Ireland Meteorite Sky Crash

    Ireland Meteorite Sky Crash

    by vdtsal (2/6/10) 261 views

    Fireball asteroid lighted up Ireland sky Wednesday evening. The meteor was travelling at high speed heading north and crashing.

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    Weltpremiere Für Bushido-Film 02:30

    Weltpremiere Für Bushido-Film "Zeiten ändern Dich"

    by vdtsal (2/6/10) 450 views

    FILM MUSIK RAP PREMIERE BUSHIDO ELSNER ZEITEN ÄNDERN DICH bushido zeiten ändern sich film trailer zweite von german uwe ochsenknecht karel gott moritz bleibtreu katja flint fler kay one chakuza ersguterjunge anis 2010 kino movie neu neue nr FILM MUSIK RAP PREMIERE BUSHIDO ELSNER ZEITEN ÄNDERN DICH

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    Wes Anderson Spider-Man 01:50

    Wes Anderson Spider-Man

    by vdtsal (2/6/10) 1,199 views

    What if Wes Anderson Rebooted the Spider-Man Franchise? A Parody by Jeff Loveness A huge thank you to Damien Youth for letting us use his song "Coming Home" off of his album Songs From Black Tower. Jeff Loveness: Jason Schartzman/ Peter Parker Conrad Flynn: Owen Wilson/Harry Osborn Mishy Turner: Gwyneth Paltrow/ Mary Jane Kyle Helf: Thug Original Music Composed by Jared LaGroue Thanks to JJ Starr, Maureen Manning, Susan Salasjeff loveness spider-man reboot wes anderson life aquatic Wes Anderson Spider-Man Spider-Man 4 spiderman 4 rushmore royal tenenbaums marc webb darjeeling limited fantastic mr. fox Spider-Man Reboot Planned Marvel DC Spiderman Batman Superman Mac PC Parody Super Heroes Comic Books vs. Iron Man Dark Knight Wolverine Watchmen Reboot

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    Oceanic 815 - Side by Side 01:46

    Oceanic 815 - Side by Side

    by vdtsal (2/6/10) 273 views

    The scene from LOST with Jack and Rose on Oceanic 815, showing Season 1 on the left side and Season 6 on the right. Compiled by Neil Pomerleau. lost jack rose oceanic 815 season side comparison plane new crash LOST Oceanic Flight 815 Locke Plane Crash Animation Hobbes Lost Video Island Other Side Lost Fan Film Comedy Parody Spoof Dharma Island Aftermath Cave Lost Fan Film Comedy Parody Spoof Dharma Island Other Side Funny Oceanic 815 Crash lost season six promo trailer first new sneak peek preview final comparison answers opening scene 2010 Lost Oceanic 815 crash plane airlines bill kelly 3x22 3x23 promo tv canadian news canada tara

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    Quitting Smoking Sucks!

    Quitting Smoking Sucks!

    by vdtsal (2/5/10) 164 views

    Doesn't it suck when co-workers ask you go out for a smoke? Nicorette makes moments like these suck less. Get your first, exclusive look at the new "Quitting Sucks" commercial. Become a fan of our Facebook Page to get support from Nicorette and other quitters like you: http://facebook.com/nicorette Join our community of committed quitters:

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