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Huge explosions! Intence senarios! Giganitc cupcakes! SAW is back! Jigsaw's latest victim is Sant Clause.
  • 24 Dec 2007
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ico travels through a Laybrinth of nightmares to find his girlfriend Nene' This was meant part 1 of about a 4 part series, so it was supposed to be a 30 minute movie, but i don't think ill ever have time to finish it. I cut out about 3 min of animated footage because it didn't make sence without the other 4 parts, which will probably never be created anyway. It's finally on youtube. After a few months i decided it was probably time i put this on youtube. It was originally made for newgrounds****. I made this about 3 months including 2 weeks of animation during my easter holidays, 2 weeks of sound and editing and special effects, and 2 months just on and off of just planning and creating sets/ pupperts. These 2 months were during school time so it didn't have all that much time. I made the whole thing on a desk in my room. Please remeber i am only 15. Please check out the production pictures on my blog: *******vdubfilmsblog.blogspot****/ They're in the 'april' section of it. I hope you enjoy it! (less)
  • 24 Dec 2007
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Some sexy stopmotion fun! Set to "Hysteria" by Muse.
  • 15 Jun 2007
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A 1 minute clamation skit, slapsitck comedy. Staring Koil for knoxskorner's feature "Villain"
  • 10 Jun 2007
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