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    Vamplog...carts 02:01


    by viciousconcepts (11/5/09) 12 views

    Electricity sucks, but so do i starring, creator: head-writer, creator:

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    SAG Strike Referendum: Doug Allen 05:51

    SAG Strike Referendum: Doug Allen

    by viciousconcepts (12/10/08) 21 views

    Doug Allen on the SAG Referendum; the Screen Actors Guild's national exec director and chief negotiator mentions that residuals are at risk. More acting news at:

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    GOLD Teaser Trailer

    GOLD Teaser Trailer

    by viciousconcepts (12/8/08) 10 views

    Comedy series: professional role playing gamers fight the world champion team for the gold medal. Web series that does double damage: GOLD.

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    Ghost Town Trailer

    Ghost Town Trailer

    by viciousconcepts (11/5/08) 2,049 views

    Haunted town, kids tracking ghosts. Webisodes coming soon. login: (any name) password: spooky

  • 8 Trailer 01:35 Trailer

    by viciousconcepts (8/19/08) 390 views

    More @ Featuring: Blind Faith & Envy: ReBellion:

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    Soccer Mom - the Fight is On! 01:03

    Soccer Mom - the Fight is On!

    by viciousconcepts (8/11/08) 1,435 views

    They took you to practice, now they'll take you out. Trailer for the 11 minute short "Soccer Mom" Written and Directed by Leetal Platt, starring Gowrie Hayden and Jamie Morgan.

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    McCain: Lovable Celebrity? 01:32

    McCain: Lovable Celebrity?

    by viciousconcepts (8/8/08) 210 views

    Response to John McCain's recent commercial entitled "celeb." Obama may be above responding to it, but I have little to no dignity worth saving.