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    Sand Casting Animation 01:15

    Sand Casting Animation

    by video2012 (9/14/12) 243 views The sand casting process is utilized regularly through Chinasavvy in output of many metal elements, different materials, including iron, steel, aluminum, bronze, etc can be sand cast. High quality merchandise utilizing fine sand in the sand mold are probable.

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    Permanent Mold Gravity Casting-Hollow Cores 01:40

    Permanent Mold Gravity Casting-Hollow Cores

    by video2012 (9/14/12) 30 views Permanent mold casting utilizes normally steel mold with regard tocasting aluminum components. Permanent mold gravity casting can be used to cast products along with hollow cores at a reasonably inexpensive. Cores are produced from resin sand fused inside a warmed mold.

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    Investment Casting Animation 01:11

    Investment Casting Animation

    by video2012 (8/15/12) 187 views Investment Casting China is an essential source for precision cast products globally. The investment casing process, commonly known as precision casting process is extently labor intensive.

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    Die Casting Animation

    Die Casting Animation

    by video2012 (8/15/12) 106 views Aluminum die casting is among the most popular ways to develop correct elements. Other die casting materials are usually zinc, magnesium in addition to zamac. Diecast pieces is as small as just a couple gary up to a number of bs/kilos. Chinasavvy generates several diecast items every year.

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    We Are Chinasavvy 02:42

    We Are Chinasavvy

    by video2012 (8/13/12) 12 views An introduction to Chinasavvy. What we do. How we work. What makes us unique. The processes we work with: Sand casting; Diecasting; Permanent mold casting; Investment casting; Aluminum extrusion; CNC milling; CNC lathe; CNC laser cutting; CNC bending; CNC punching; Metal sheet fabrication; Powder coating; etc

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    This is What We Do 01:12

    This is What We Do

    by video2012 (8/13/12) 16 views Chinasavvy are expert manufacturers in sand casting, permanent mold casting, diecasting, investment casting china, powder coating, aluminum extrusions, CNC metal bending, punching, robot welding, precision machining, CNC laser cutting and many other processes.

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    CNC Laser Cutting 01:29

    CNC Laser Cutting

    by video2012 (8/13/12) 30 views CNC laser cutting has helped transform the metal fabrication sector. Today, Chinasavvy employs advanced CNC laser cutting products for smooth sheet but additionally curved surfaces with 5 axis CNC laser chopping tools pertaining to steel fabrication engineering.Aluminum sheet fabrication and stainless steel sheet fabrication in addition to mild steel fabrication are supposed to accuracy requirements.

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    CNC Punching 01:25

    CNC Punching

    by video2012 (8/13/12) 11 views CNC metal punching allows large sheet metal elements to be punched with tremendous accuracy and reliability. Chinasavvy utilizes state of the art CNC punching tools to make precise andalso regular pieces with regard to steel fabrication engineering. Aluminum sheet fabrication and stainless steel sheet fabrication along with mild steel fabrication are made to precision criteria.

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    CNC Miling 01:20

    CNC Miling

    by video2012 (8/13/12) 23 views Chinasavvy makes precision parts from 3 axis CNC milling machines as well as 4 axis CNC and 5 axis CNC machine services

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    CNC Bending 01:29

    CNC Bending

    by video2012 (8/10/12) 29 views Chinasavvy are experts in CNC metal bending along with steel fabrication engineering utilizing advanced CNC bending equipment for the fabrication of sheet metal. Aluminum sheet fabrication and stainless steel sheet manufacture in addition to mild steel fabrication are designed to demanding standards.

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