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  • 21 Jan 2009
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Branding You on YouTube Newport Beach class, Online Marketing, Marketing on YouTube is fun... Dr. Carla Rudolph is at one of my classes in Costa Mesa...having fun...playing with the Flip and show people at my class how to shoot yourself ... Branding YOu on YouTube, Marketing on YouTube, Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Costa Mesa Marketing on YouTube, Marketing on YouTUBe if fun in Orange County, Nuskin on YouTube, Monavie on YouTube, Vemma on YouTUBe, Jonathan Budd on YouTube, online mlm system on YouTube... Kevin Thomas marketing on YouTube, MLM orange County support, free leads for MLM on YouTube, Network Marketing Orange County, Marketing online Orange County, Marketing online Newport Beach, Marketing online Costa Mesa, Marketing Online Corona Del Mar, Kevin Thomas YouTube, Kevin Thomas Newport Beach, Kevin thomas Corona Del Mar, Kevin Thomas Irvine, Kevin Thomas on YouTube, Video Marketing, Video Marketing Newport Beach
  • 25 Dec 2008
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Puppy Love at Farmers Market in Corona Del Mar by Kevin Thomas Branding You on YouTube Specialist ...Kevin Thomas of Corona Del Mar Newport Beach California teaches a class in Newport Beach on Personal Branding You on YouTube...for free 714-914-1844 *******www.whoiskevinthomas**** You Are Your Brand....Personal Branding Orange County What is personal branding? Personal branding describes the process by which you stand out from a crowd of job seekers by differentiating yourself from others with the same skills and abilities. There are three elements that your brand should focus on: * Value proposition: Your value proposition means what you stand for, in terms of your personality, appearance, competencies, and strengths. It’s everything you provide as a person that may fulfill a specific job description. * Differentiation: Differentiation is what makes you distinct from the crowd of job seekers. * Marketability: Marketability is how compelling your brand is to potential employers. It’s what will make them to want to hire you or open up a new opportunity for you. It’s never too early to begin building a personal, professional brand—and the earlier you begin in your college career, the more weight it will carry. Why is branding important? According to a recent survey, 51 percent of soon-to-be-graduates who applied for a full-time position had landed one before graduation. That means that 49 percent had the “dreaded” recruitment process to go through. If you’re one of that 49 percent, in order to face this immense competition, you must unearth your strengths and become a better marketer. That means you need to create a distinct personal brand, something that highlights your unique attributes. At this time, you may be unsure exactly what you want to do when you graduate, in terms of a specific career path. You may feel frustrated that you have to apply to multiple companies, without knowing who will offer you a job first. By using personal branding, you can showcase your unique value proposition and claim the job you desire, while gaining confidence in the process. (You can ask the staff at your college career center for help with the following steps.) 1. Discover what you’re interested in or passionate about, and your goals. Review all your previous accomplishments, work experience, and education, and determine how it may be leading to a profession. Use this information to a set development plan to reach your goals and claim that entry-level position after graduation. 2. Create the marketing materials used to communicate to employers: a resume, cover letter, references document, web site, blog, or work portfolio. A blog, for example, allows you to showcase your writing style, ability, and creativity. Comments you post on other blogs showcase your interpersonal skills. Look for ways to communicate your unique value statement to recruiters 3. Enhance your resume through personal branding, using visual elements and career-related keywords to let the “recruiting search bots” pick up your resume faster. 4. Develop a web site containing your resume and related projects that you’ve completed. 5. Create a blog where you can engage and network with others that are interested in a subject that you enjoy. 6. Display your brand in online form using such mechanisms as a professional profile—an electronic form of your resume—on a professional networking site. Create case histories or a portfolio so that you can have credibility with employers or web site viewers. 7. Use e-mail to your advantage to convey a consistent professional brand. Instead of using some nickname, use your own name, so when people are looking for your address, it becomes top-of-mind. 8. Finally, continue to grow your brand, while updating your marketing materials to reflect your personal and professional growth. Next steps If you are a freshman in college, you have plenty of time to discover your brand, but if you are a senior, you may want to do a quick brand assessment and start creating your brand materials. Brainstorm a list of your passions, interests, and goals, so that you can match them to a specific job function or title. This exercise may be completed solely by you, but don’t be afraid to ask for help from a teacher or adviser. Review your current resume, along with all supporting materials, and see if they align with your goals and aspirations Ask for feedback from family members, peers, professors, career center staff, and other professionals. Personal branding is how you’re perceived by others, so take this feedback into account when developing your brand. Always look forward to your career. Anyone can be successful if they believe in themselves and are driven.
  • 21 Dec 2008
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Branding You on YouTube class Newport Beach , Orange County, Kevin Thomas online video marketing Specialist that lives in Corona Del Mar a city in Newport Beach California, Orange County teaches a class on Branding You on YouTube and how to get more business threw online video marketing. Kevin Thomas teaches you threw video marketing how to get on the front page of google for free. Http://www.whoiskevinthomas**** 714-914-1844 orange county video marketing video marketing real estate newport beach, video marketing real estate palm springs, video marketing online Youtube, front page google, more money , more business in 2009 threw video marketing online for free...Google loves videos, Yahoo loves videos, video marketing is the way of the future, video marketing rocks, Costa Mesa video marketing, Costa Mesa video marketing real estate, Newport Beach Youtube Class, Corona del mar video marketing class, Branding You On Youtube Kevin Thomas, Kevin thomas, newport beach, Kevin Thomas Palm Springs, Kevin Thomas orange county , Kevin thomas, Marketing Specialist Kevin Thomas
  • 18 Dec 2008
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Boat washed a shore during the storm Dec. 16, 2008 in Corona del Mar California...footage shot by Kevin Thomas of Corona del Mar california... Kevin Thomas teaches a class in Newport Beach on Personally Branding You on YouTube....video marketing orange County... video marketing Newport Beach, vidoe marketing Corona Del Mar, video marketing costa mesa, video marketing Irvine, video marketing kevin thomas, Kevin Thomas is an online video marketing specialist that lives in Orange County California... Learn online video marketing ....
  • 17 Dec 2008
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Madison fun loving 10 week Pomeranian in Corona Del Mar...video shot by Kevin Thomas Orange County Online Video Marketing Specialist,Corona Del Mar Video Marketing Specialist, Newport Beach Video Marketing Specialist, Branding You On YouTube, who is kevin thomas, *******www.whoiskevinthomas**** 714-914-1844, Orange County Kevin Thomas
  • 13 Dec 2008
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Video of People having a good time at Corona Del Mar Chamber Commerce Christmas Walk... Shot by Kevin Thomas, Online Video Marketing Specialist .... 714-914-1844....*******www.whoiskevinthomas**** check out my YouTube channel.... Christmaswalkcdm
  • 13 Dec 2008
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This is Video 2 of Car Crash in Newport Beach California by Kevin Thomas Video Marketing Specialist, Orange County www.whoiskevinthomas****
  • 16 Dec 2008
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Teenage Kid blew threw the Red Light and a little old lady was going threw the green light ...making a left hand turn and hit the Lexus... I witness the accident...wish I got the accident on video for you...thank God no body was hurt Kevin Thomas is an online video marketing specialist that lives in Corona Del Mar California...which is part of Newport Beach. Kevin Thomas teaches a free workshop in Newport Beach on Branding You on YouTube...for free. 714-914-1844 *******www.whoiskevinthomas****
  • 19 Jan 2009
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Christmas Walk Corona Del Mar Chamber Commerce, Kevin Thomas This video is one of my video's off a Rain Deer I ran into on my walk
  • 22 Feb 2011
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Christmas walk info for Corona Del Mar, Corona Del Mar Chamber Commerce Host it ever year Video taped by Kevin Thomas of Corona Del Mar, Video Marketing Orange County *******www.whoiskevinthomas****
  • 28 Nov 2008
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