My third rant is in regards to fanboys of AVGN, Irate Gamer and Nostalgia Critic. I don't favor one over the other. I'm a BIG fan of all three of these people, and support their work equally.
  • 4 Oct 2008
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This is a review from Video Masters TV- Season 2. Here, Bree takes a look at Zombies ate my Neighbors for the Super NES.
  • 25 May 2009
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This trailer is the original one, but slightly updated, with the proper look of the DVD cover, and where to order the DVD of Season 1 of Video Masters TV. For those of you wondering what the hell that is, visit: *******www.videomasterstv****/merch.html
  • 4 Oct 2008
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Nuff said. I sent the folks at thestream.tv a copy of Season 1 of Video Masters TV on DVD, and they were very cool in showing it off during their September 18th Coin-Op TV Live show. Thanks guys. Be sure to check them out, guys. It's
  • 4 Oct 2008
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In this clip from Season 2, Jason reviews Team Fortress 2 for the PC.For more, go to*******www.videomasterstv****
  • 13 Oct 2008
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Clip from Season 1 of VMTV. Here, we review the popular web TV series, Mega 64. NOTE: Ignore the black bar. Dunno where that came from. It won't stay there long.
  • 9 Jun 2008
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