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    JailbreakUnlock NEW 2.2 Firmware For IPhone IPhone 3G and IPod 10:12

    JailbreakUnlock NEW 2.2 Firmware For IPhone IPhone 3G and IPod

    by vidteam27 (1/26/09) 1,418 views

    PLEASE READ The easy way how to jailbreak & unlock NEW 2.2 Firmware for iPhone,iPhone 3G & iPod Touch 1st Gen. BIG UP TO THE DEV-TEAM FOR ALL THE HARD WORK ; ) Click This Link For QuickPWN 2.2 - Click The Links For All NEW 2.2 Firmwares - iPhone 3G - 2.2 Firmware iPhone 1st Gen - 2.2 Firmware NEW Click on this link for the video on how to unlock the iPhone 3G with YellowSn0w- IMPORTANT For unlocking the iPhone 1st Gen please keep the sim card in from the start IMPORTANT Click This Link If You Are UNLOCKING iPhone 1st GEN You Will Need The Bootloader Files bl39.bin & bl46.bin - iPod Touch 1st Gen - 2.2 Firmware IMPORTANT If you are jailbreaking the iPhone 3G you can only UNLOCK it in iTunes with AT&T or O2 Simcards IMPORTANT Make sure you uninstall older versions of QuickPWN & WinPWN and that your device is on 2.2 firmware. IMPORTANT All cracked apps,ipa's,emulators & roms will still work with the new 2.2 jailbreak. IMPORTANT The old mobileinstalation file still works with 2.2 firmware i have tested Please Comment!!

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    Jailbreak IPhone 06:17

    Jailbreak IPhone

    by vidteam27 (1/26/09) 1,125 views

    [Update] 11-23-08* For people that want cracked ipods, you use the same mobile installation file as you do for the 2.1 firmware. ---------------------------------- I will be showing you how to jailbreak (a.k.a being able to install 3rd party applications) with a 2.2 iPod Touch and iPhone including 3g. You cannot do this on an iPod Touch 2G yet. ----------------------------- Steps: 1. Install the quickpwn from here: 2. Make sure you are on 2.2 software on your device. 3. Open QuickPwn and follow each step carefully. 4. Wait for you device to restart. 5. Check your device to see if it is successfully jailbroken along with the 2.2 software and cydia or installer if you chose to put those on the device. 6. Enjoy!

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    Como Descargar Adobe Flash Cs4 Bueno 07:18

    Como Descargar Adobe Flash Cs4 Bueno

    by vidteam27 (1/26/09) 6,524 views

    aqui esta el link de descarga: y el crack: y para que me crean. la pagina de donde lo descarge. RECUERDEN: ponerlo en la opcion de 30 dias de prueba o el crack no funcionara. el crack lo copian y lo pegan asi: my pc. disco local c. archivos de programa. adobe flash cs4. y lo pegan (crak) sal