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I call it the TroubleMaker! By watching this video, you learn how to create a very simple but HIGHLY effective trouble making batch file which when launched on the host PC will scare the wits out of the owner/user and render it useless. It'll be a way of expressing your creativity in computers when you unleash this baby on your college/highschool or corporate network. Just run the program I teach on every PC and sit back and watch the havoc unravel right before your eyes while you smirk behind your desk! Great for school/college computer labs. A great way of learning how DOS/Batch programming works and how to automate MS DOS commands for your PC. Please note; I do not take any responsibility for this code, it is for educational purposes only!
  • 25 May 2008
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Want to send encrypted mail from any service provider like Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail without any provider support for encryption or any additional required encryption software? This video tutorial will help you make 256BIT encrypted messages/files which you can send over the Internet without any one intercepting it. With 256Bit encryption a supercomputer will take years to break. I teach you a very simple, time saving and efficient method to encrypt your secrets which only you and the intended person can share!
  • 29 Aug 2007
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Always wanted to know what Images are? Wanted to use Images to save your precious discs from getting overused and scratched? With the help of this video tutorial you will be able to make use of D-Tools (the most lightweight image mounting tool) to play games, software and more without actually inserting the disc again and again. Save your investment for years, zero scratches, no time lost to look for discs and lots of energy saved!
  • 29 Aug 2007
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Want to hide something without seeming suspicious? Don't want all that ad-ware infested software which tries to hide your files? Try out this video tutorial which actually teaches you how you can hide anything of any size on your harddisk with just two files of 1kb each! Simply press the Lock button and voila, your files appear to be a Recycle Bin outta nowhere! Check out this really neat video. Impress your friend with your OWN creation today!
  • 20 Aug 2007
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