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    Voices.com IPhone App for Voice-over Actors

    Voices.com IPhone App for Voice-over Actors

    by voicesdotcom (5/16/12) 15 views

    It all starts with creating a voice talent profile. Choose your gender, language, age range and areas of expertise. Record a demo of your voice right from your iPhone. Voices.com’s highly rated app is perfect for voice talent, actors and narrators looking for voice over work. Voices.com is a global marketplace where brands and voice talent connect.

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    IPhone App for Brands

    IPhone App for Brands

    by voicesdotcom (5/15/12) 1 views

    You can search for voice talent by gender, language, age range or area of expertise. Listen to voice samples, then tap into the profile to see the voice talent’s bio including their highlights, experience, studio details and more.

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    Voices.com IPhone App Helps You Hire Voice Talent 28:26

    Voices.com IPhone App Helps You Hire Voice Talent

    by voicesdotcom (2/7/12) 1 views

    In the focus group Voices.com Co-Founder David Ciccarelli will introduce the soon to be released Voices.com iPhone app. Learn about what the app is designed to do, view top secret images revealing its unparalleled features and discover how Voices.com meets you wherever you are.

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    IPhone App Focus Group 35:03

    IPhone App Focus Group

    by voicesdotcom (2/2/12) 13 views

    Take part in a virtual focus group and learn about the development of the Voices.com iPhone App. With the Voices.com iPhone App, which works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, you can access all the features of your Guest or Premium membership, update your profile, reply to job postings and manage payments using the innovative SurePay escrow service.

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    When I Think of Voices.com 02:52

    When I Think of Voices.com

    by voicesdotcom (1/16/12) 1 views

    What do you think of when you hear the name Voices.com? Friends, advertising agencies and local business leaders share their thoughts and invite you to do the same!

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    Voices.com’s Community Impact 04:53

    Voices.com’s Community Impact

    by voicesdotcom (1/9/12) 1 views

    What does it take to make an impact on your local community as a business? Hear what London business leaders have to say about the ways Voices.com interacts with and engages their local community, their industry and the broader world stage.

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    Voices.com Facebook Page

    Voices.com Facebook Page

    by voicesdotcom (9/13/11) 11 views

    http://www.voices.com - Are you a fan of Voices.com on Facebook? Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Stephanie Ciccarelli shows you how to become part of Voices.com's community on Facebook and shares about how you can get involved and take advantage of a relationship with Voices.com on this exciting social media platform.

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    Voice Over Talent Searches 01:55

    Voice Over Talent Searches

    by voicesdotcom (9/13/11) 6 views

    http://www.voices.com - Looking for a British voice over talent? How about someone who can speak Spanish or French? Watch this video from Voices.com, the website that hosts talent who speak over 100 languages and learn how to search by language, accent, location, age range, gender or descriptive keyword.

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    Paying Voice Over Talent and Leaving Feedback 02:10

    Paying Voice Over Talent and Leaving Feedback

    by voicesdotcom (9/13/11) 10 views

    http://www.voices.com - How can you hire a voice talent hassle-free? When you post your job and award it to a Voices.com talent, you don't pay until you are happy with the final product. Voices.com Co-founder, Stephanie Ciccarelli, talks about the features and benefits of the company's payment service, SurePay escrow, and how Voices.com helps keep your money safe when ordering and purchasing voice overs online.

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