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*******whatabouthealth.blogspot****/2007/07/what-about-soup.htmlEating soup before meals is a traditional habit many people have forgotten; particularly on urban areas where fast food is many times the routine. Soup is mostly liquid, so it takes longer to eat than solid food and it can fool your brain and stomach and control your appetite. Also, soup is full of nutrients and fibers which can prevent many diseases. See how simple it is to cook it. More info see the site : *******whatabouthealth.blogspot****/2007/07/what-about-soup.html
  • 7 Oct 2007
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Liquify tool can be used to improve you photos. Examples with Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Clinton and Oprah. For details check *******photoshopliposuction.blogspot****/
  • 29 Sep 2007
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