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Bamboo is an Eco-friendly material. For construction, bamboo can be ideal as it is strong and durable. Bamboo roofing is a combination of Bamboo truss and roofing sheets. ABamboo truss is bamboo poles connected with a metal connector taking the shape of a frame. Woven bamboo mats or Corrugated bamboo roofing sheets or halved bamboo clums cover the roof. There you have it. A bamboo roofing project. For more info Visit Bamboooz blog
  • 20 Mar 2017
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Bamboo has long been in use in Asian countries for a variety of reasons, from medicine to construction. Bamboo being a strong and durable material it is highly capable of being made into a construction material, furniture, interior decor etc. It can also last a century and be aesthetic to look. For more info visit Bamboooz blog
  • 24 Feb 2017
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