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0:35 By using a bottle water cooler you get more peace of mind for your health than by drinking water from unknown sources.
  • 16 Feb 2010
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0:38 It's a shame to throw out a perfectly good sunbeam water dispenser. Fortunately they can be repaired and will last much longer and more reliably.
  • 6 Jan 2010
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0:38 Sunbeam water dispensers are not easy to come by now, but parts are available to keep existing ones going. You can also find single serving hot water dispensers made by Sunbeam
  • 31 Dec 2009
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0:35 There's a common question as to the availability of the sunbeam water dispenser. Older units can be repaired as parts are common. The new versions tend to be single serving hot water dispensers
  • 24 Dec 2009
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0:32 When you think of the traditional water dispenser you're likely to think of a plain looking plastic appliance that would stick out in any modern kitchen or office. Don't try to fill a cooking pot with the already hot water as this will likely shorten the life span of the heating elements. For those in warm climates you can even get dispensers with built in water chillers so you don't have to worry about getting ice for your water drinks. Stainless steel kitchens have become very popular and you will find water dispensers that will blend right in with this decor. With either of these finish choices you will be able to find models that will even hide the large water bottle either in the top (traditional) or in the bottom (a newer design). This is a unit that is fundamentally different from the styles mention above since it's sole purpose is to take water that you add (up to one cup) and create hot water to use for tea, cocoa, instant soups, or other hot water needs. It's not as large as traditional water dispensers but fills an important niche.
  • 18 Dec 2009
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